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Oasis Humidifier For Guitar

Oasis Humidifier For Guitar

Winter is here, the heat is on and it’s time to put your Oasis Guitar Humidifier to work!

You probably already know that your instrument can crack in dry weather. Repairing a cracked top of a fine guitar is both expensive and can alter the sound of your instrument. To solve this problem, guitarists have been using humidifiers since the 1960’s.


The Twelfth Fret Barigo Hygrometer

The Twelfth Fret Barigo Hygrometer

  Monitoring the humidity level in your music room is THE most important guitar-maintenance you will ever do. To this end, we have commissioned Barigo, a German Scientific-Instrument maker to produce this precision, mechanical, dial-hygrometer. This easy-to-read 4″ diameter instrument is accurate to a conservative tolerance of 3% RH and housed in brass trimmed metal enclosure. The dial face indicates the relative humidity with colour coded zones; red (dangerously low), yellow (caution) and green (optimum).  Each hygrometer has been calibrated by

Price: $98 CAD

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