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We’re pleased to offer you a one-on-one session with an expert from our shop.
This is a free service provided by The Twelfth Fret experts to support the use of our instruments, products and services. It is a face-to-face meeting inside our retail shop and within one of our private musician studios.

Note: The Twelfth Fret is still not open to the public however, we continue to offer products online for pickup curbside.


From the booking form, make sure “appointment” is selected in the drop-down menu. Right now we are booking sales appointments only.

Under the service section, you’ll select which instrument type you wish to discuss or are interested in.

After selecting the type of instrument you wish to meet about, the appropriate experts will be available in the “select sales expert” category. *Note: there may be cases where only one sales expert is associated with the instrument category you’ve opted for.

After completing STEP 3, all you need to do is click on the NEXT button at the bottom left. Note that before you do, you will be shown the next available booking date (highlighted in white) and next to it, week day options. If you want to see available appointments only on “Wednesday’s” then uncheck the other weekdays. 

5.  SELECT DATE + TIME You will now see a month calendar with available dates highlighted in white. You will also see time-slots to the right of the calendar. Select your preferred date and time and the page will AUTOMATICALLY take you to the next page. Note: If a time slot is NOT showing, it means it is not available. We only show you available dates and times.

Here we require more information about you including our COVID-19 pre-screening details. All fields need to be completed and once done, click the NEXT button at the bottom left hand side of the form. *Note: if you missed filling in any portion of the form, it will not proceed to the next step and note prompts which are missing at the  top. 

7. DONE  
Once you complete the form and click NEXT, your details will be sent to us for review and approval. *Note: your appointment remains in PENDING status until you receive a confirmation email from us.

BOOKING FORM - Make Your Appointment

Your appointment will be scheduled for 1 hour.




  • All appointments are booked 48 hours in advance.
  • Your appointment request will be pending until approval received by one of our staff.
  • Appointment Cancellation is required in writing 48 hours prior. When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other customers. Please inform us of your cancellation as soon as you know.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment,  we will not be able accommodate you and your appointment will be cancelled. Please use our appointment booking tool once again to reschedule. 
  • You must wear a mask during your visit as will all our staff. 
  • We require every visitor to hand-sanitize upon entry.
  • Children under 12 will not be permitted. 
The Twelfth Fret


  • Only approved and confirmed appointments booked 48 hours in advance will be eligible for entrance to The Twelfth Fret.
  • Mandatory Vaccination Policy. The Twelfth Fret is committed to providing a safe environment for our guests, customers and staff.  We take serious the responsibility ensuring every precaution to protect our guests and staff from the hazards of the COVID-19 virus within our shop. This includes remaining in compliance with all applicable Public Health, Human Rights, Privacy, and other Provincial Laws that govern this situation. Along with other safety measures such as mask wearing, social distancing, and health screenings, according to Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, a vaccine policy is mandatory as part of workplace health and safety plans.  The Twelfth Fret has a vaccination Policy which is in effect.
  • Any visitors who have not provided The Twelfth Fret proof of vaccination or whose request for exemption on protected grounds has not yet been approved, will be denied entry to the shop/premises. Guests will not be allowed to enter until proof of full vaccination status is provided, or policy exemption is officially approved ahead of the visit.
  • When in The Twelfth Fret, you must continue to follow all COVID-19 public health measures, including masking, maintaining physical distance and hand hygiene, where applicable.
  • If any appointment pre-screening answers changed during the day of your appointment,  you must inform us. Your appointment will then be rescheduled and your pre screening result is no longer valid. 
  • Any record created as part of our customer screening may only be disclosed as required by law.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQS

Q: Will I have to book an appointment in advance?

A:  Yes. The Twelfth Fret has not reopened for in-store shopping. We are now beginning with personal appointments with only two time-slots open per day,  in the afternoon only and from Tuesday’s to Saturday’s only upon staff availability.  

Q: How is physical distancing practised at The Twelfth Fret?

A:  To maintain physical distancing, we are limiting store occupancy and giving everyone lots of room while renewing our focus with a one‑to‑one, personalised shopping experience. You will be greeted, sanitized, and taken through the standard COVID precautionary check-in. You will then be escorted to one of our music rooms on the sales floor where you can try instruments of your choice. Your appointed staff  expert will bring the instruments to you which you have requested. Furthermore, your appointed sales expert will answer any and all questions you might have. Masks are mandatory and must be worn at all times. 

Q: Will I have to wear a mask when I visit?

A: Yes. Face masks will be required for all our staff and customers while visiting The Twelfth Fret. N95 masks with valves and masks that do not cover your nose and extend below your chin — such as bandanas — are not permitted. 

Q: What protocols are you following to keep your shop clean?

A: Throughout the day, we’re conducting enhanced deep cleaning that places special emphasis on all surfaces, display products and highly trafficked areas.
Instruments that are passed back and forth between our team members and customers are wiped down before and after each use. We also conduct enhanced deep cleaning as a general practice.

Q: Will I be able to browse the shop during my appointment visit? 

A: Unfortunately no, you will not be able to browse our shop. We’re focused on limiting occupancy and permitting appointments in only the rooms allotted.  In order to ensure the safety of other customers and team members, we are currently limiting personal sessions. 

Q: Can I drop by and pick up an item without going into your shop?

A:  Yes! We continue to provide full curbside service, shipping or local pickup is available for online orders.  For more details view our curbside information here and you can find our hours of availability here

Q: Can I get support at your shop?

A: The best way to get support is to make an appointment. See our appointment booking tool above to schedule an appointment.

If you need support sooner, you can get help from our experts via email at “ or fill out our contact form.