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Teye Guitars are built in Austin, Texas in very limited numbers.   Showing the influence of the innovative Tony Zemaitis, these are top quality showstopper instruments.

Beyond Opulence

There are few objects that can compete for attention with a Teye Master guitar.
The Teye Master instruments are befitting a Maharaja, a Sultan, a King. These represent the ultimate in Teye’s guitar construction, and they reside at the top of the boutique guitar market.

Teye Master-series guitars and basses are widely acclaimed and they routinely win direct A/B comparisons with the most prized vintage instruments. Their presence as exquisite works of Art and Old-World craftsmanship is obvious at a single glance.

Only eight of the Teye Master guitars are available each year. The ultimate exclusivity for the discerning player and collector.

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