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Henriksen The Bud Guitar Amplifier

Henriksen The Bud Guitar Amplifier - The Twelfth Fret

Henriksen The Bud Guitar Amplifier

The Bud is the without question the smallest, TRULY GIGABLE guitar amplifier on the market with unmatched tone quality!  At 9x9x9 inches, 17 pounds and 120 watts of analog power, you won’t believe the volume and tone coming from either your electric or acoustic guitar, or any stringed instrument with a pickup for that matter, and with a feature set that allows you the versatility to cover almost any kind of gig, this is a MUST HAVE piece of gear for the working musician.


The Henriksen The Bud guitar amplifier is an exceptional amp, the culmination of work by the late Bud Henriksen in designing tools specifically for Jazz guitarists.  Part of the purpose of the Henriksen The Bud Guitar Amplifier is to branch out beyond jazz guitarists and include acoustic guitarists. This amp is a 9-inch, 17-pound cube with four sturdy rubber feet and a very good leather wrapped handle.  In this small box, there are two channels leading to a 120 watt power amplifier, a six inch speaker and a tweeter. An extension speaker can be attached, and you can connect directly to a PA or recording mixer. If you wish, the tweeter can be disabled via a switch on the back.  A full range of tone controls are provided and if you are using a microphone rather than a pickup, the two XLR-1/4 inch inputs, also offering phantom power for condenser mics.

The two channels have separate effects loops at switchable line or instrument levels, which use TRS connectors; you can use standard Insert cables, or Henriksen also makes a 10-foot Y cable.

A gig bag is included.

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