The G W Barry 30/12 Collection

2016 marks 30 years of G W Barry guitars at the Twelfth Fret. To celebrate the occasion we are receiving three exquisite new instruments from this veteran builder. They will be released one by one over the course of the next few months and will be grouped under the moniker of ” The G.W. Barry 30/12 collection.”

G.W. Barry guitars are truly “luthier” built instruments. From the initial wood selection to final polish the sole attention of Mr. Barry’s 35+ years of experience renders a truly unique Master grade instrument!

Click here to see the first release in the G.W. Barry 30/12 Collection – the G W Barry Mod C Ziricote!
Click here to see the second release in the G.W. Barry 30/12 Collection – the G W Barry Koa 000 Plus! SOLD
Click here to see the third release in the G.W. Barry 30/12 Collection – the G W Barry 30/12 OM! SOLD
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G.W. Barry Hand Built Guitars

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Some quotes from customers:

Hi Gord,

The long awaited guitar has finally arrived this morning. Very pleased with the performance. The guitar is light, loud and has a rumbling bass response.

I’m a collector and believe me I’ve a collection of prestigious guitars such as Walker, Olsen, Somogyi and Manzer. Your guitar is up there with them… if not surpassing them. I’ve read rave reviews on your guitars and now playing is believing.

Michael K, Hong Kong (re: his Orchestra Model )

Hi Gord,
Just wanted you to know that I’m still over the moon about this guitar.
I showed it to Joe Yanuziello and he was very impressed. He said “she’s a Lamborghini”.
I can’t keep my hands off of her ….
Don Bray, On. ( re: his Concert Cutaway Model)

Visit Don Bray’s website here!

…. bloody marvelous!
Trevor Moyle, Brighton,U.K. ( re: 000+ model)