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The Twelfth Fret has a huge and constantly changing stock of instruments – new, vintage, used and consignment. Our stock changes so often that we can’t post everything in detail. Our Just In List displays much of what has just come in – with one or two photos or a video, essential information and a way to contact us if you’d like more details or just to buy it!

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1962 Gibson J-50 Slope Shoulder Dreadnought Steel String

Price: $3250
US Price: US $2588.20
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 27-06-2017
S/N: 42959, built during 1962 at the historic Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Introduced in 1942 as an 'improved' version of the J-45, the Gibson J-50 mainly differs in having a natural finish top instead of sunburst, allowed by using higher quality spruce. Aside from that, construction details are the same between the two guitars. They both have the wonderfully warm sound of a slope-shoulder dreadnought guitar, with plenty of volume and projection.

This Gibson J-50 dates to 1962 and has been well played. It has the sound, and plays nicely. A crack on the top on the lower treble bout has been repaired and sealed, and the original adjustable bridge and plate have been replaced with a newer rosewood bridge with a fixed rosewood saddle and without reinforcing bolts, and a solid maple plate. The original bridge plates on these guitars were often laminate, and tended to chip around the pin holes. This allowed the ball ends of the strings to wear the plate in a decade or so, which can lead to bridge lifting. The frets are original, and have been dressed.

A later denim covered Japanese hard-shell case is included.

2006 Fender Telecaster Custom 1962 Reissue with Bigsby, CIJ

Price: $900
US Price: US $716.73
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 27-06-2017
S/N: R0228777, built during 2006 for Fender Japan by Tokai Gakki in Hamamatsu City, Japan.
Fender introduced the Telecaster Custom for the 1959 model year, sporting the new Rosewood fingerboard and a body with top and back binding. The 1962 version has been reissued a few times.

This is a Fender Telecaster Custom 1962 Reissue with factory Bigsby, built around 2006 for the Japanese market by Tokai Gakki in Hamamatsu City. Until 1997, Fender Japan had their guitars built by FujiGen Gakki, and these were marked Made In Japan. After 1997, Tokai and Dyna assumed production and the marking changed to Crafted In Japan, with the instruments intended for the Japanese market, not for export. All are excellent quality instruments.

This guitar is in overall good condition, with little play wear but a few small pressure marks on the back and top. The neck profile is typical of the 1962 model year - somewhat wider, with a C profile and without the chunkiness of 1950s models. The Bigsby works nicely, and is adjusted to allow some subtlety in the pitch change (this is mostly done by adjusting the tightess of the nut and spring holding the arm to its bracket). Overall, this is a very good reproduction of the 1962 Telecaster Custom at a reasonable price. A teardrop hardshell case is included.

2008 Fender Custom Shop Danny Gatton Telecaster, Frost Gold

Price: $3800
US Price: US $3026.20
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 27-06-2017
S/N: CZ509980, built during 2008 at the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California.
The late Danny Gatton was generally acknowledged as one of the masters of the Telecaster. He normally played a customized 1950's model, reproduced here by the Fender Custom Shop. The customization includes elements like a pair of Bill Lawrence dual-rail humbucking pickups, a bent pickup selector, cubic zirconium side markers for visibility on dark stages, a special cut-out bridge, and a 'frost gold' nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Danny Gatton's signature is also reproduced on the front of the headstock.

This example dates to 2008, and is in as close to mint as you're likely to see, having been mostly left it in its case. The original Custom Shop certificates are included in the case. The neck has a pronounced birds-eye figure, and a 'chunky' 1950's profile. The bent pickup selector is a surprising improvement. Often on stock Telecaster, the selector knob is a bit tricky to catch in a hurry, but it's much more accessible when bent over.

Pop by the Fender USA Custom Shop website to read more about the Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster!

2007 C. F. Martin HD-28V Dreadnought Steel String Guitar

Price: $3260
US Price: US $2596.16
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 26-06-2017
S/N: 1204714, built during 2007 at the Martin plant in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
The C. F. Martin HD-28V Dreadnought is a re-creation of the classic dreadnought used by countless players, back to the legendary Hank Williams. Using Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, Spruce for the top and adding a mahogany neck with ebony for the fingerboard and bridge, the HD-28 fits into most musical genres.

This example dates to 2007 and is in very good, all original condition. It's been recently set up in our shop and plays well. The original hardshell case is included.

Drop by the Martin Guitars website for more information on current HD-28V models!

2016 Gibson ES-345 VOS 1964, Bigsby and Varitone, Olive Drab

Price: $5799
US Price: US $4618.14
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 26-06-2017
S/N: 61573, built for the 2016 model year at the Gibson Memphis plant in Tennessee.
The 1964 Gibson ES-345 VOS 1964 in Olive Drab Green finish is a historically accurate re-creation of this much loved semi-hollow electric archtop guitar.

While historically accurate in terms of construction and dimensions, the ES-345 VOS 1964 comes in an exotic alternative vintage finish that never made it to the originals of the '60. This is complemented by split parallelogram fingerboard inlays and period-correct plastics, hot hide glue neck and body construction, matched potentiometer sets, rolled fingerboard binding and a great set of MHS humbuckers for true PAF tone.

This is a very nice guitar to play. I personally find Gibson necks of this era to be the most comfortable to my hand - they are a bit narrower at the nut hand have a slimmer profile than the 50's models. The Bigsby works well. It's mounted far enough back from the bridge to provide a decent pitch range, while still allowing subtle shades. The original Gibson hardshell case is included.

Visit the Gibson Memphis website to learn more about the Gibson ES-345 VOS!

1972 Ramirez 1a Tradicional Brazilian Classical Guitar, 1972

Price: $4650
US Price: US $3703.11
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 26-06-2017
S/N: 60986, built during 1972 at the Jose Ramiez III workshop on 5 Concepción Jerónima, Madrid, SPain.
When people talk about professional grade concert classical guitars, this guitar - the Ramirez 1a, also known as the Segovia or now Tradicional model - is what they mean. This design was developed in the early 1960's by Jose Ramirez III to satisfy his most demanding and highly capable customers, including Andres Segovia.

This Ramírez 1a was built during 1972, after Jose III had moved his workshop to 5 Concepción Jerónima in Madrid to deal with increasing demand. It is in very good codition, with a 664mm scale length and 52mm nut width. It has a red cedar top with Brazilian Rosewood back, sides, headplate and bridge with Cypress for the neck and an ebony fingerboard. This guitar plays well - typical of the period, the fingerboard was shaved thin as the bass side enters the body, and this gives a lot of string clearance for the bass strings. The action is currently set to 6/64ths inch on the high E, 8/64ths on the middle strings, and rising to 10/64ths on the low E. A black hardshell case is included.

Visit the Guitarras Ramirez website to learn more about the current Ramírez Tradicional models!

Deering Goodtime 6 String Banjo

Price: $769
US Price: US $612.41
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 26-06-2017
S/N: varies as new.
The Deering Goodtime 6 String Banjo was not designed to replace the guitar, but to give guitarists a chance to play what they already know with creative results.

The Deering Goodtime Six Banjo is a 6 string, steel string banjo, tuned like a guitar and featuring a fast, sleek, and comfortable guitar style neck that feels like an old friend. The Goodtime Six uses Deering’s 41 years of banjo know how to put a much needed quality American made 6 string banjo within reach of any guitarist looking to add an authentic banjo sound to their arsenal without breaking the bank.

The Deering Goodtime 6 has a 12 inch maple pot, a Renaissance head, and standard guitar tuners. Tune it like a guitar and play the chords and patterns you already know. Gig bags and cases are available, but are sold separately.

Drop by the Deering Banjos website to learn more about the Deering Goodtime 6 String Banjo!

2016 Gibson Flying V Custom Shop Standard Sunburst

Price: $6099
US Price: US $4857.05
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 22-06-2017
S/N: CS 600644, built at the Gibson Nashville Custom Shop during 2016.
Now this is a treat - a brand new Gibson Custom Shop Flying V Standard in Washed Cherry sunburst! Built during 2016 at the Gibson Nashville Custom Shop.

The Custom Shop Flying V Standard differs from the original, groundbreaking 1958 model in a number of ways. It has a bound flame maple cap over a one-piece mahogany body, and a full set of volume and tone controls but no pickguard. It's a stunning take on the design.

This guitar is new with full warranty and comes with the original hardshell case.

Note on Dating - we used the Custom Shop serial number breakdown. Here the serial is CS 600644, with the CS being Custom Shop. The first digit, 6, is the year, so it's 2016. The second digit is the factory ID and 0 is Nashville (Memphis is 5). The remaining digits are the production number.

Read more about the Gibson Custom Shop Flying V Standard at the Gibson Guitars website!

2017 Republic Highway 61 Cutaway Resophonic Guitar

Price: $1089
US Price: US $867.25
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Date Listed: 22-06-2017
S/N: Varies as new, this is 06909.
We've just received a new Republic Highway 61, featuring a smaller steel body with cutaway and a single resonator cone. These guitars are great for blues bottleneck styles at an affordable price.

The Republic Highway 61 has a single resonator, 12 inch wide body - around the size of a Les Paul, and has a 22 inch scale length with 1 13/16 inch nut width. The body sports lattice soundholes like those on a Tricone model, so there's lots of space for air to move. These sound good, and the smaller size makes them a lot of fun, and easier to play. A hardshell case is included.