Gallien-Krueger MB-200 Bass amp and Neo 112 Cabinet

MB200: $259
Neo 112: $345

Here is the ultimate portable gigging bass rig. This 200 watt bass head is a leather light 2lbs. That’s right you heard me 2lbs. This thing is so small it can go in your gig bag. It has everything you need including a four band eq with a contour switch, XLR out and a headphone/line output. The tone is full and punchy with lots of low end and very nice clarity.

The Neo series of cabinets feature GK’s Paragon cast-frame Neodymium speakers which provide high power at a fraction of the weight. Special bracing has been utilized to eliminate standing waves while providing rock solid structural support and reduce cabinet resonance. These cabinets have great definition on the highs and midrange with lots of punchy low end.Pairing this great sounding head with the GK Neo 112 cabinet and you have huge sound with super light weight portability!!

MB 200
200 watts @ 4 ohms, 140 watts
@ 8 ohms
10dB pad
Four-band active EQ w/contour
Headphone/line output
XLR out, pre/post EQ
Speakon output
2 lbs.

Neo 112-II
8 ohms
300 watts
High quality horns
Light weight polar design
Interlocking corners
GK Horn Bi Amp System
Black Tolex
30 lbs.


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