DUESENBERG Pomona 6 Lap Steel


The Pomona 6 will change the way you think of a lap steel. For the first time you can change keys with the “easy-shift” and “easy-slide” capo to any scale and zero position. The Duesenberg capo can be shifted even within a song live in a matter of seconds. The integrated Multibender provides the pedal steel sound, with the ease of minor chords. The two levers can be set to any of the strings (except heavy E) to raise or lower the tones for more than one tone. Additional levers are available.


* Duesenberg Multibender
* Integrated, easy-shift“(easy-slide“) capo (slide‚o’matic)
* Roller saddles
* Duesenberg Z-Tuners
* Mahogany body
* Scale: 65 cm US >> like Fender
* 2 Duesenberg pickups
* 1 volume control
* 1 70° Speed-Pot tone control for „wah“-effects