Jam Waterfall Chorus

It’s no secret that I’ve always hated chorus pedals. I hate the way they get over used, especially in the 80’s, and I hate the way most of them suck the life out of your sound like Bela Lugosi after a week on a desert island with no food. I can’t stand them, period. Enter the Waterfall chorus by JAM pedals. I admittedly was drawn by its sexy stucco blue exterior but was instantly won over by its thick and musical chorus sound. Amazingly enough everything I hate about chorus pedals was squashed by the fact that my guitar still sounded like my guitar.

This is the best chorus on the market, period, and end of sentence. It is powered by a set of original NOS Panasonic MN3101 and ??3007 chips and the result is a vintage, transparent but thick, sweet chorus that changed my opinion of this once over used effect. It also features a Vibrato setting and a cool intensity switch. It is rounded out by a true bypass design that keeps it transparent in your signal chain.

Mike McAvan

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