Red Witch Empress Chorus

Red Witch is a small company based in a small town on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand. CEO and designer Ben Fulton decided to star producing pedals due to a long lasting love affair with analog guitar equipment and the continuing search for new sounds.

Red Witch strives to blend art and technology into their pedals that will inspire players both sonically and visually. They are dedicated to creating new and unique pedals not clones!

Red Witch Empress Chorus

As used by Andy Summer of The Police, the Red Witch Empress Chorus is a beefed up BOSS CE-1 killer complete with true bypass, stereo outs, bright switch, internal slide switch and Chorus/Vibrato switch. The mix control allows the effect to be blended into the original guitar signal.

Unlike a lot of chorus units, The Empress Chorus is all about rich deep tone and doesn’t thin out your guitar sound at all. Vibrato included at no extra charge.

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