T REX Comp Nova

T REX Comp Nova

I’m often asked, “Mike, what compressor do you use?” and I often inject my sarcastic humor by lifting up my right hand to show the perspective customer my compressor. I’ve never been one to use compression. The only time I ever did was to cop that Nile Rogers/CHIC funky guitar tone. Needless to say, I don’t get called often to pull off those tones.

Compression is useful for evening out the highs and lows of a sound wave, in turn squashing the peaks and valleys to produce and even volume. Compression can also be used to sweeten and/or boost a tone. Nevertheless, the T Rex Comp Nova produces one of the sweetest, warmest and most musical compression on the market. The package starts with tank-like construction and uber-high end parts (Knobs and switch). The controls include Level, Comp, and Attack.

At first encounter, I decided to dial the “idiot setting” in hopes of producing a totally goofy, over-the-top squashed 80’s tone, but to my surprise, the Comp Nova behaved like every compression should with class, musicality and high fidelity. On the clean tone, the bottom end was sweetened and the top end glassy but never shrill. On the overdriven tones, the tone was also sweetened but there was an added sustain and enhancement to the distorted tones that let me coax fluid lines effortlessly.

All in all, I was totally impressed, and I generally don’t like compressors, at all. This would also make a great addition to someone wanting to smooth out their clean to overdriven tone transitions by placing the compressor after the dirt pedals. Very impressive indeed!

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