T REX Replica Analog Delay

T REX Replica Analog Delay

Analog delays are a hot item these days. More and more people are seeking a smaller, more reliable and cost effective solution to the Tape Delay dilemma. The T REX Replica Analog Delay is one of the closest replications of the tape echo I’ve ever heard.

It ranks right up there with Carl Martin’s Delayla XL and Echotone as well as Blackboxes Quicksilver delay and the BOSS RE-20 Space Echo.

This is the pedal that turned me onto the T-Rex line. After seeing and hearing Pepper Keenan of Down use it to create some of the most haunting tones with it, I was sold. It’s warm yet complex and lush but never artificial. You swear that there was tape somewhere in there.

The controls are well laid out and comprehensive. They consist of On/Off switch, Tap Tempo switch, Level (volume), Echo (wet/dry mix), Tempo (delay time from 0 to 1500 ms), Repeat (number of trails), Brown Switch (high end cut) and a Subdivision switch (for ¼ note triplets).

On the side of the unit is a jack that strikes terror into the hearts of any mild mannered low-tech guitarist. The onboard MIDI jack allows the pedal to be turned on and off and set temp sync via MIDI messages. Old school meets new school to create one hell of a delay pedal. It’s so close and so real soundings that you ‘d better have a Bladerunner (see Ridley Scott movie Bladerunner starring Harrison Ford) on hand to keep it under control. It so good that it’s scary. Now, if it can only make us dream of electric sheep.

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