Wampler Pinnacle Limited Edition

Guitarists are always after the proverbial Holy Grail of pedals that are going to get them that elusive high gain “mucho chunga” sound. We’ve seen our fair share of amazing products come through our doors and into your hands. With the Wampler Pinnacle, I am suffering from another “Here-I-go-again” syndrome.

Just when I though I had heard it all, I came across Brian Wampler’s amazing products. Brian Wamplers pedal mods and custom pedals have become legendary in the pro circles. Guitarists are always looking for distortion pedals that yield amp-like tones and have the dynamic overtones that only an amp and 4X12 cab can achieve. I stand corrected. The Pinnacle is a high gain overdrive/distortion that is voiced towards the Hot rodded Marshall/Bogner Ecstacy/Peavey 5150/ Soldano SLO100/ Mesa Engineering sound. In fact, it’s the pedal that gets the closest to the EVH Brown sound!

It’s masterfully made up of J-fet circuits peppered with high grade metal film resistors and diodes. It’s true bypass design keeps everything neutral in the signal chain and is remarkably quiet even at “gainiac” level of distortion. Remarkably dynamic, the Pinnacle responds to the subtlest of volume knob adjustments and cleans up very nicely. It consists of Volume, Tone (high frequency roll off), Vintage/Modern switch, Contour (sweepable mid control), Gain (duh!!!), On/Off switch and a boost switch for solo boost or adding more snarl to the equation.

Not only does this pedal sound amazing but it looks incredibly sexy as well. I can pretty much plug this sucker into any amp and get my sound … from the cheesiest of transistor amps to the clean channel of my Koch Powertone and VHT Pitbull. With minor adjustments I was even able to get my trademark Gainiac/Captain Crunch approved tone and everything in between. Amazingly enough, there is a lot of gain on tap…a lot even for me. There is enough gain here to choke a hungry Great White Shark. Yet in making such a fire breathing pedal, creator/alchemist boy Brian Wampler has managed to keep all the subtleties of the guitar and the dynamics of a tube amp while still keeping some amazing headroom levels. As we don’t have any stock at the moment, delivery time is about 2-3 weeks on Wampler pedals…take it from a self-confessed pedal addict/gainiac, it’s totally worth the wait.

***Gainiac: definition… Crunch monger, One who prefers excessive gain and volume levels associated with high performance amps like Soldano, Koch, Mesa, Bogner and Egnater amps. Known to strike fear in other less aggressive guitarists, Gainiacs thrive on a steady musical diet of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Shred/guitar instrumental music. They are often very picky about tone and are often not intimidated by Floyd Rose equipped instruments***