Wampler Cranked AC Overdrive

I remember the first time that I heard Queen’s Brian May. I was living in Montreal and as a youngster I was exposed to rock’n roll very early on thanks to my older cousins. I remember hanging out at my cousin David’s listening to CHOM FM and that famous bass line to “Under Pressure” came through the speakers. When the massive chorus hit I was hooked. Brian May has been a huge influence on me as a guitarist and a songwriter and it looks like my little rock star Nathan is following in my footsteps. You have to see him rock out to “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It’s priceless and makes this rock’n roll papa proud.

Whenever I here about a pedal that boasts about achieving a Brian May sound, I’m always the most sardonic, sarcastic, “Mikey-Hates-Everything” guy in the room. I’m sorry there isn’t a pedal that can ever touch that majestic tone. My friend Valerie who is performing in the musical “We Will Rock You” as Oz and I were talking about that tone the other day. It’s not easy to achieve. It’s all about cranking up an AC30 and cooking those EL84 tubes. I’ve gotten really close with my Pod X3 but there is still something missing.

Leave it to Brain Wampler to work his mojo and alchemy to create an overdrive pedal that gets closer than any other to that legendary Brian May tone. The layout is dead simple and the construction impeccable. The tones range from mild dirt to raging’ “Stone Cold Crazy”. My cover band Left Of Eden play a bunch of Queen songs and this little number is going to find it’s way onto my pedal board in no time.