Xotic AC Plus

This was the first of the dual pedals to arrive and already has been creating a buzz with our staff. This is without a doubt the most versatile design ever brought forth in a dual channel pedal. The Xotic AC Plus is equipped with a gain and boost stage which is switch-able in its order. For example, you can control whether you want your boost before or after your overdrive sound by altering the order of channel A and B. The comprehensive active EQ allows for limitless tone shaping while the on-board compressor allows the player to adjust for hard or soft clipping for smoothing out boosting and saturating overdrive tones. The result is a versatile pedal able to coax anything from classic rock tones to blues to even approximating a very convincing Van Halen and AC/DC tone!

Keep in mind there is a feeding frenzy right now with the dual pedals. I’ve been informed by Xotics that these bad boys will be on a back-order basis until the production is stepped up with addition production lines. Get them while you can because if you hesitate, it will disappear faster than you can say “Killer Tone”.