A Tour of the Gibson Acoustic Shop in Bozeman, Montana: Part 1

Every once in a while, an opportunity arises to tour a guitar maker’s shop, and see up close how things are done and what they’re working on – things which may never be seen anywhere else. This week we’re taking a tour of the Gibson Acoustic shop in Bozeman, Montana.

First off, Montana is beautiful and Bozeman has a very scenic location, on a plateau surrounded by mountain ranges. We arrived from Toronto via Minneapolis on a warm sunny day and were met by Don Ruffatto.

When we checked into the hotel, I found myself with a Songwriter Deluxe!

Later dinner with Robi Johns, at the Gallattin River Lodge , which offers fly fishing, a great view of the mountains, and excellent food.

Tomorrow we head off for the tours of the shop, led by Ren Ferguson and Jason Jones ; I’ll be posting about it, and as many photos as I can, in the later evening. Come by and have a look!

Join us in Part 2 of The Gibson Acoustic Shop Tour!

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