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Gibson ES350T Short Scale Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1956

The thin-bodied, short scale Gibson ES350T appeared in 1955, replacing the full size ES-350 and was much like a plainer version of the Venetian-cutaway Byrdland, which also debuted that year. When launched, the fully hollow ES-350T featured laminate Maple construction largely for feedback resistance and lower production cost, but a number of versions shared the Byrdland’s Spruce top and carved Maple back and sides.

Stelling Golden Cross Gospel Banjo, 1978

Here we have a Stelling Golden Cross Gospel banjo, built of Black Walnut during 1978 in Afton, Virginia with a raised, rather than inlaid, rear cross. One other Gospel model like this is known to have been built for Ralph Stanley with the serial number 428.  The current Golden Cross models do not have the rear cross.  The Stelling Golden Cross Gospel is based closely on the stock Golden Cross, with the primary difference being the headstock inlays. 

Gibson Les Paul Custom Gloss Black, 2002

Making its first appearance for 1954 , the Gibson Les Paul Custom has long been the top of the line for many electric guitarists. During the 1950’s, the Custom differed from the rest of the Les Paul line in an invisible way. Unlike the other models with a Maple cap, the Custom had a carved Mahogany top.

Collings City Limits Deluxe Sunburst, 2007

The Collings City Limits Deluxe, part of the CL line, draws from the proven combination of a Maple cap on a Mahogany body, providing warmth, clarity and sustain. This Collings City Limits Deluxe was first shipped and sold in March of 2008, and as Collings assigns serial numbers at start of production – which can take three to six months per instrument – this guitar would have been started in late 2007. It’s in very good clean condition with minor wear.   

Ibanez Musician MC500 Solidbody Dark Stain, 1979

The Ibanez Musician MC500 appeared as Ibanez hit its stride and moved away from straight copies of US models, and was built from late 1977 as a 1978 model to 1980. The Musician series used a multi-piece, neck-through design and active electronics, all quite possibly influenced by the Alembic instruments of the day. Overall, the goal was to provide maximum sustain, stability and tonal versatility in a professional grade package. 

PRS 513 Solidbody Carved Top Amber, 2008

Like all of Paul Reed Smith’s models, the PRS 513 starts with a great design, executed with top grade woods and parts and topped with an impeccable finish. Now discontinued, this model was built from 2007 to 2016. This PRS 513 dates to 2008 and is in good condition. It is not entirely original as the stock tuners have been replaced with PRS Phase II locking models. The top finish is in good shape but there is some buckle or rivet rash on the back. Fret wear is light.

Suhr Classic Pro S1 Orange Crush Metallic, 2008

The Suhr Classic Pro S1 draws from the deep well of the proven ‘S’ style guitar design and upgrades a number of aspects from hardware and build quality to body contours. Here we’re looking at a Suhr Classic Pro S1 sporting a rather red ‘Orange Crush Metallic’ finish, in very good clean condition with only light wear. This example dates to 2008 and was built at Lake Elsinore, California. The body is Alder, paired with a Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard and Stainless Steel frets.

Fender 1956 Precision Bass Sunburst

The Fender 1956 Precision Bass was a transition model and the last production version of this fantastically influential instrument before it took its final form in 1957. Introduced in 1951 with a ‘slab’ body and single coil pickup, the Precision Bass was rapidly popular and in 1954 gained ‘comfort contours’ to match the new Stratocaster model. In 1957, the P-Bass was revised with a larger headstock, new pickguard and the two-coil humbucking pickup that Fender, like most manufacturers, had been developing.  

Gibson Super 400 Acoustic Archtop Sunburst, 1937

The Gibson Super 400 strode above most others when giant archtops roamed the earth, and is still one of the largest production guitars made.   Making its introduction in 1934 as the ‘Super L-5 Deluxe’, the non-cutaway model was quickly joined by a cutaway model, initially named the  Super 400 P for ‘Premiere’.   The ‘400’ designation was originally a reference to the price.  These were top of the line for acoustic archtop guitars, and were played by many top artists – Merle Travis being one.

⚌Reduced‼ Caparison Dellinger Bass Mike LePond Custom Prototype Black, 2009

The Caparison Dellinger Bass has been around for some time, and here we have a prototype built for Mike LePond of Symphony X during 2009. Caparison guitars and basses have been built in Japan since 1995. The company was founded by the Charvel / Jackson Japan design group, and production was contracted to high end builders. In 2011, the company was bankrupt for a few months and re-opened under new ownership based in Cardiff, Wales.