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National Style 1.5 Tricone Resophonic Guitar

The National Style 1.5 Tricone Resophonic guitar is patterned after the original instrument made in 1927 with a functional Art Deco industrial design.

Reduced! PRS Swamp Ash Special Translucent Forest Green, 2003

Based on a built up, carved top block of Swamp Ash paired with a bolt on Maple neck, the PRS Swamp Ash Special is a straightforward model. A pair of humbuckers bracket a Seymour Duncan Vintage Rail single coil format pickup, with a pickup selector, master volume and push/pull master tone control providing coil tap options. The PRS vintage trem is installed, and at the head there is a set of PRS locking tuners.

Guild GSR X180 Archtop Electric Blonde, 2013

Here’s a wonderful rarity and a natural blonde, a Guild GSR x180 archtop electric with a Spruce laminate top, dating to 2013. GSR stands for Guild Special Run, and this example is number 11 of 20 built. Originally, acoustic archtop guitars used solid, carved Spruce tops paired with solid, Maple for the sides and hand carved back. However, once pickups and amplifiers became more available and standard equipment, it was discovered that the tonal subtleties of the solid Spruce top could be overwhelmed by feedback.

Eastman MD605 A Style Mandolin, Classic Finish

The Eastman MD605 represents great value in a quality A-Style mandolin, built with solid woods and wrapped in a gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Collings MT2 A Style Gloss Mandolin, Vintage Burst

The Collings MT2 A Style is one of the finest production mandolins available, using top shelf materials and very high level build quality.

Rickenbacker 4004Cii Cheyenne Bass FireGlo, 2008

The Rickenbacker 4004Cii is a bass we don’t see very often. Built using largely American farm-grown sustainable woods, this bass uses a body of Maple with Walnut core, and an Eastern Maple neck with a Bubinga fingerboard, running the length of the instrument. The 4004Cii Cheyenne uses the classic Cresting Wave body shape originally designed by Roger Rossmeisl in the late 1950’s, and still vibrant and evocative today.

Gibson 1958 Les Paul Junior Double Cut Historic Reissue TV White, 2004

Here’s a Gibson 1958 Les Paul Junior Double Cut Historic Reissue in TV White, built during 2004 at the Nashville Custom Shop.

Fender 70 Esquire Relic Blonde, 2008

Next up is a Custom Shop Fender 70 Esquire Relic with Rosewood fingerboard in translucent blonde, and sporting an added Lollar neck pickup. Many single pickup Esquires were converted to the two pickup Telecaster spec as the body was already routed for the neck pickup.

Gibson Tal Farlow Custom Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1998

Working guitarists have always been a focus of guitar makers, and the Gibson Tal Farlow represents the involvement of the famous Jazz guitarist Tal Farlow with Gibson. Tal Farlow lived from 1921 to 1998 and was well known for his chord melody playing, which he developed at an early age. He went on to play with many jazz greats including Charles Mingus and Artie Shaw. His large, fast hands earned him the nickname ‘the Octopus’.

Fender Stratocaster HSS Maple Neck Candy Apple Red, 2008

The Fender Stratocaster HSS with a 2-point trem is one of the most significant, yet subtle changes to the venerable Strat design. These are two practical updates that increase versatility and reliability for the modern musical world. Introduced in 1954 as a significant upgrade to the successful Telecaster, Leo Fender’s Stratocaster design was immediately popular and has been built continually since its appearance.