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Gibson Southern Jumbo Steel String Guitar Sunburst, 2004

The Gibson Southern Jumbo is closely related to the classic J-45, and at times the differences have been mostly market driven and cosmetic. Apparently named to appeal to Gibson dealers in the American South – referring to the Mason-Dixon line, the Southern Jumbo or SJ uses slope-shoulder, spruce and mahogany body construction. The key differences are additional binding on the fingerboard and split-parallelogram position markers.

C F Martin D-28V Brazilian Rosewood, 1984

The Martin D-28V was built as a limited edition vintage reproduction, using Brazilian Rosewood for the sides and back, between 1983 and 1985. This was the first of the Brazilian ‘V’ series guitars, introduced for Martin’s 150th anniversary.

‼️ Reduced‼️ Fret King Elan 50 Green Label Series, Red 2010

Fret King guitars have been produced since 2008 by Trev Wilkinson, the well-known UK maker of Wilkinson guitar hardware. The Fret King Elan 50, apparently discontinued, was part of the Green Label Series.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Special P-90 Sunburst, 1991

The Les Paul Special was originally produced from late 1954 to 1959, in a form very much like this Les Paul Junior Special. The slab body and neck are Mahogany, the bound fingerboard is Rosewood. For hardware, Kluson Deluxe style tuners were used, with a pair of P-90s. On the originals, a combination stop tailpiece/bridge was used but all the reissues have installed a tune-o-matic style bridge with stop tailpiece. Wiring is typical Gibson – a pickup selector and individual volume and tone controls.

C F Martin D-28 Dreadnought Guitar Brazilian Rosewood, 1948

The C F Martin D-28 shares a basic body design with other D or Dreadnought series bodies, and features a Spruce top paired with Rosewood for the back, sides and headplate, Mahogany for the neck and Ebony for the fingerboard and bridge. At the time this guitar was built, the combination was Adirondack Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood.

Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Translucent Red 1997

Introduced as a 1998 model, the Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass featured a number of enhancements to the proven, solid reliability of the most popular electric bass design.
Active electronics and with a humbucking pickup at the bridge expand the tonal range of the American Deluxe Precision Bass and a heavier bridge provides more tonal separation, clarity and sustain.

M. Sakurai No.8 Classical Guitar, 1977

The M. Sakurai No.8 classical guitar was part of a line of guitars built by Masaki Sakurai as he was learning in the workshop run by his uncle, Masaru Kohno. The M. Sakurai No.8 is built using solid Cedar tops and laminate Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, and solid Rosewood for the headplate and bridge. The Mahogany neck carries an Ebony fingerboard, and is joined to the body with a dovetail joint, departing from the ‘slipper heel’ found on traditionally built Spanish guitars.

Gibson ES-125 Archtop Electric Guitar Sunburst, 1954

This Gibson ES-100 dates to 1954 and appears to be all original, though the pickguard is missing and the original case is long gone – it would have been faux-gator fibre (cardboard), and those often don’t age well. The hardware is typical of this period. For example, the Kluson Deluxe tuners have no lettering but do have the hole for the tuner post, and these were used from 1953 to mid 1956. Translucent Gold ‘Speed’ or ‘Hatbox’ type knobs are used.

Conde Hermanos Classical Guitar, 1992

Here we have a Conde Hermanos classical guitar built during 1992, with a Spruce top and Indian Rosewood for the back, sides, headplate and bridge. The guitar is constructed in the typical Spanish style, with the ‘slipper heel’ integrating the neck, sides and back. The neck is Spanish Cedar with an Ebony fingerboard. Schaller tuners with gold finish and faux pearl buttons are installed at the head and work well.

Gibson L-50 Archtop Guitar Sunburst, 1950

Built from 1932 to 1971, the Gibson L-50 was a straightforward, non-cutaway archtop guitar with few frills, and until 1935 was most often a round-hole archtop. It is built using a 16 inch wide arched Maple laminate back and arched solid Spruce top, braced with parallel tone bars and bound top and back. The neck is Mahogany with a bound Rosewood fingerboard. The headstock bears a Gibson decal and Kluson Deluxe strip tuners.