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Norfolk Jasmine Thinline Electric Flame Maple, 2018

The Norfolk Jasmine comes to us from a new company operating from the Cambridge, Ontario area. Based on a popular single cutaway thinline body, the Norfolk Jasmine offers top quality woods and materials in a well built package. The Jasmine uses a chambered Mahogany body with bookmatched flame Maple cap.

Anthony Karol Orchestra Model OM Rosewood, 2016

Built at his workshop in Mississauga, Ontario, the Anthony Karol Orchestra Model is a fine example of skill and meticulous craft work. The Orchestra Model design is based closely on the classic 000 body size, but normally has a longer scale length. Karol makes the body slightly wider and rounds the shoulders for slightly increased bass output, with the goal of a more even response across the spectrum.

Gibson SJ-100 1941 Reissue Sunburst, 2013

Built in Bozeman, Montana and for the moment out of production, the Gibson SJ-100 1941 Reissue recreates the sound and feel of the pre-war Mahogany body jumbo. The Super Jumbo body style appeared in 1938 and is best known for the J-200 model, with Spruce top and Maple for the back and sides, and often highly decorated beyond the hand-painted pickguard. In 1939, the less expensive and less decorated SJ-100 appeared, with a Spruce top, but with Mahogany for the back and sides and with a much plainer – and thinner – pickguard.

Boucher Studio Goose SG-52 Indian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar

The Boucher Studio Goose SG-52 uses the traditional square shoulder Dreadnought body design pioneered by Martin in the early 20th century, and which has dominated the acoustic guitar world since the 1950s. The very white, locally harvested AAAA grade Adirondack Red Spruce top, using a hand-scalloped forward shifted X brace system is paired with Indian Rosewood to provide warm, full tone. The neck is South American Mahogany, and Ebony is used for the headplate, fingerboard and bridge. Bindings are Maple with Herringbone purfling.

Boucher Studio Goose SG-51 OM Hybrid Cutaway Rosewood 14 Fret Guitar

Sharing many features with the SG-21 and SG-41, the Boucher Studio Goose SG-51 features an Adirondack Spruce top but with Indian Rosewood back and sides. The Studio Goose SG-51 uses the OM Hybrid, or Orchestra Model body shape modified to work better with fingerstyle playing. The very white, locally harvested Adirondack Red Spruce top is paired with Indian Rosewood to provide warm, crisp tone . The neck is South American Mahogany, and Ebony is used for the headplate, fingerboard and bridge. Bindings are Maple with Herringbone purfling.

Gibson ES-175 Archtop Electric Sunburst, 1991

The Gibson ES-175 archtop electric was in production from 1949 until 2017, because it does exactly what many jazz and rock guitarists needed it to do. Comfortable and reliable, the ES-175 delivers a rich tone and its laminate construction makes it feedback resistant, compared to carved solid top models. To that point, it did appear on large, higher volume rock stages, notably in the hands of Steve Howe of Yes. It was also a common choice for early rock and rockabilly artists.

Harrison GB Custom Blister Maple Top Thinline Archtop, 2019

This Harrison GB Custom example features a carved Maple, F-hole top with ‘blister’ figuring on a Mahogany body, routed out to provide a fully hollow body. The neck uses three pieces of Mahogany, with a Macassar Ebony for the fingerboard, headplate, tailpiece and bridge. Binding is flamed Maple. Gotoh 510 21:1 ratio tuners with gold tinting provide smooth, accurate tuning. The hand built tailpiece is solid and designed to allow fast string changes. The frets are stainless steel, which significantly reduces the rate of fret wear.

Boucher Signature Series Richard Bennett Mahogany Dreadnought

The Boucher Richard Bennett signature series model is based on the classic Dreadnought body, pairing an Adirondack Spruce top with Brazilian Mahogany for the body and neck. This combination provides a full tone with crisp sparkling highs and fast response. Decoration on the Richard Bennett model is minimal – it focuses on tone and performance.

‼️Reduced‼️ C F Martin 0-18K Steel String Guitar Koa, 1930

Built from 1918 to 1935, the C F Martin 0-18K is a small body Koa wood guitar intended for Hawaiian music, which was very popular at the time. Another very similar version, the 0-18KH (for Hawaiian) was built between 1927 and 1928. Based on the proven ‘parlor’ size 0 body, the 0-18K used Koa for the top, sides and back, Mahogany for the neck with an unbound Ebony fingerboard and Ebony bridge. At the time this example was built – likely around November 1930, given the serial number – straight Bar frets were still used.

‼️Off the Map‼️ Taylor 510E Dreadnought Steel String, 2016

The Taylor 510E is now discontinued, so this is one of the last ‘as new’ examples you’re likely to find. It is built on the classic Spruce top, Mahogany back and side formula that works so well for fingerstyle and flatpicking. Here, it’s paired with a slotted headstock, which increases downbearing at the nut, and hence open string sustain and separation, without increasing head pitch.