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Beard Road-O-Phonic Lap Steel Sunburst 2014

The Beard Road-O-Phonic lap steel first appeared around 2006 and is designed and built in Hagerstown, Maryland at Paul Beard’s shop. The Road-O-Phonic has evolved over several versions and the second version seen here features a Maple body and neck with Flame Maple veneer for the top and back; the fingerboard is Ebony with a 23 inch scale length. The current version 3 uses a 25 inch scale length.

Taylor 214ce Ovangkol Steel String Guitar Natural

The Taylor 214ce is super comfortable smaller grand concert body size guitar featuring a Sitka spruce top and Ovangkol sides and back. The smaller body size and curvy waist on this guitar works really well for players looking for a more compact instrument and it also helps to reduce playing fatigue when in a seated position. The new V class bracing from Taylor helps to boost the volume and sustain which is really beneficial on a smaller guitar.

Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar Sunburst

Here is a very cool guitar, the Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar in a classic Sunburst finish, part of a line created for players who want the look and sound of Fenders golden era. The Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar features an alder body with a maple 60’s C shape neck profile with rolled edges for a classic playing feel. The bridge, tremolo and tuners are all vintage style and add to the classic visuals.

Rickenbacker 381v69 Jetglo, 2013

This spectacular and rare 2013 Rickenbacker 381V69 six string wearing a JetGlo – Gloss Black – finish is in near perfect condition!  The Rickenbacker 381V69 reproduces the 1969 version of the 381, originally introduced in 1957 and built until 1963, and again from 1969 to 1974 with the modern two-level pickguard used here. This model is also available in a 12 string version. The Rickenbacker 381v69 design, originally the Model 381 was created by Roger Rossmeisl, a German luthier who emigrated to the USA to work for Gibson during 1953.

Gibson Custom CS356 Thinline Faded Cherry, 2008

The Gibson Custom CS356 was the top level version of the Gibson Custom CS336, and was built from 2002 to 2008. Like the CS-336, it was based on a carved Solid Figured Maple top on a chambered single-piece block of Mahogany, routed out to provide the sides, back, center block and tone chambers. Based on its 5-digit serial number with an 8 as its first digit, this example dates to 2008 and as such would be one of the last built.  It has very little wear,  and is in great condition with only a few minor bumps.

Waterloo WLK TR Shaded Top

The Waterloo WLK TR reproduces a rare, lightweight and responsive depression-era guitar built by Gibson under the Kel Kroydon name from 1930 to 1933. These models are built by Collings at their shop in Austin, Texas. An exceptional instrument, the Waterloo WLK TR features a Spruce top and bracing with Mahogany for the back, sides, body blocks and neck, with an Indian Rosewood 12-fret fingerboard and Ebony bridge.

Gibson CS336 Thinline Compact Archtop Faded Cherry, 2004

Introduced in late 2001 and built until 2010, the Gibson CS336 is based on a scaled-down ES-335, but there are some significant differences. The body blends a carved, two piece solid Maple top with a solid piece of Mahogany, shaped and routed to provide the inner resonant chambers and the solid center block. In the ES-335 design, the top, sides and back are built traditionally using Maple laminate, with a solid Maple center block added. On this model, the bound fingerboard is Indian Rosewood with dot position markers.

Waterloo WL14 XTR Boot Burst Edition

The Waterloo WL14 XTR is built in the Collings shop in Austin, Texas and hearkens back to the guitars used by thousands of players in the 1930s and 1940s. The WL-14 is the flagship model of the Waterloo guitar line and the inspiration that started it all. Keeping true to the design and style of the era, the WL-14 is available in “ladder” bracing (L) as well as “X” bracing (X). The ladder bracing option provides woody and open tone, with midrange honk that’s perfect for fingerstyle blues. The “X” braced version retains tighter focus and balance across the tonal range.

Ramirez Conservatorio Spruce Top Classical Guitar, 2014

The Ramirez Conservatorio Spruce Top classical guitar is near the top of the semi-professional line for Ramirez, with a unique violin-type approach to the top and back attachment, without the use of linings! It is rare for us to see a used  Ramirez Conservatorio Spruce Top  model, and we’re pleased to offer it at a significant reduction from its original price, as described in our original posting on this model. 

Gibson Custom Le Grande Archtop Electric Natural, 2008

Here is a rare beauty – a Gibson Custom Le Grande archtop electric model from 2008, the successor to the classic Johnny Smith model built from 1961 to 1989. The Le Grande made its debut in 1993 and while it hasn’t appeared on Gibson’s website or catalog since around 2010, is still available on special order. The ‘stock’ finish is a Vintage Sunburst, with the Natural finish seen here as an extra-cost option. Always intended for the serious professional guitarist and never in mass production, the Gibson Custom Le Grande features a 17 inch wide body with carved, solid Sitka Spruce top, carved solid and highly figured Maple back and figured maple sides.