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Other New Electrics

The Twelfth Fret carries a broad range of new electric guitars, more than the more prominent brands listed in our categories. Here’s a listing of some of those instruments. We will set instruments up to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

Epiphone G-1275 Double Neck Limited Edition

We've just received a pair of limited edition Epiphone G-1275 double neck guitars! Designed for performances that required a specific versatility.

Duesenberg Caribou Thinline

The new Duesenberg Caribou thinline electric takes its cues from the American west and is inspired by iconic surf riffs and the classics 60’s sounds.

Duesenberg Fullerton TV

The new Duesenberg Fullerton TV is named after two things - their new US office in Fullerton, California and Gibson's vintage TV white finish.

John Page Classic Guitars

The Twelfth Fret is excited to receive the first of the John Page Classic guitars! John Page was the founder of the Fender