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Larrivee OM-60 SH Orchestra Model Acoustic Guitar, 2005

The Larrivee OM-60 is based on the classic Orchestra Model body design paired with a full 25.5 inch scale neck, delivering an even representation of the full spectrum at good volume levels.

New! Collings OM1A Julian Lage Signature Guitar, 2018

Collings OM1A Julian Lage Signature Guitar, 2018

Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport HardTail Trans Red, 2016

Today we’re looking at an Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport Hard Tail from 2016, in Trans Red with matching headstock!

Gregory Byers Classical Guitar Brazilian, 2011

A Gregory Byers Classical guitar is rare to see on the used market. He generally builds as many as twelve guitars per year, to order. His instruments are usually built one at a time, allowing Byers to give maximum attention to each specific guitar. Byers builds single top guitars (as opposed to double top), though he does use other techniques such as the ‘Elevated Fingerboard’ which really involves the top dropping down towards the heel.

Fender Esquire Solidbody Guitar Blonde, 1967

The Fender Esquire was the single pickup version of Leo Fender’s groundbreaking guitar, and appeared in 1950 with the short-lived Broadcaster, soon renamed Telecaster after a copyright notice from Gretsch, who used that name on a drum line.

Sale! Gretsch G6112TCB-WF Limited Edition Falcon Jr. White, 2016

This Gretsch G6112TCB-WF Limited Edition Falcon Jr. in Vintage White, is a great little guitar and is a new model. Blending influences from three sources – the classic Gretsch White Falcon, the Jet body design, and the new Gretsch Players models. Aside from being very flashy, this is a great playing and sounding guitar.
Every once in a while, something built as a promotional item for an industry trade show really takes off, gets more intention than expected and is put into production. This was the case with the 1954 Gretsch White Falcon, intended to show off the elegance and quality of the Gretsch electric archtop line at the 1954 NAMM trade show in California.

Reduced! Schecter Nick Johnston USA Signature Guitar Atomic Snow, 2018

Here is a very nice Schecter Nick Johnston USA Signature guitar, built in Sun Valley, California during 2018 – this guitar is nearly new! Nick Johnston is an instrumental guitar player from Toronto with a melodic soul. Most known for his guitar work on youtube with over 50,000 subscribers, and clinics for guitar companies and brands all around the world. His new instrumental album Remarkably Human has reached over a million views on Youtube.
Nick Johnston has played with some of the best modern instrumental artists, including Animals As Leaders, Polyphia, Keith Merrow, and Jeff Loomis just to name a few.

Rickenbacker 620/12 Left Handed Solidbody Electric Metallic Blue, 2005

Using a form of the classic Cresting Wave body design by Roger Rossmeisl, the Rickenbacker 620/12 is a classic design, but not exceptionally common – especially as Left Handed.

Gibson J-160E Steel String Acoustic Electric Sunburst, 1966

The Gibson J-160E is one of the most recognisable steel string guitars, due largely to recordings and performances during the early 1960s by The Beatles.

Reduced! Fibenare Basic Jazz Single Cut Standard Amber Burst, 2012 REDUCED

Fibenare guitars originated during 1998 in the Budapest, Hungary shop of the Benedek brothers. These fine instruments are now distributed worldwide and the Fibenare booths at the major trade shows draw significant interest.

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