Smith and Young Resophonic

The Smith and Young line is named after Eric Smith and Don Young, the owners of National ResoPhonic Guitars. This line of instruments is intended to reproduce historically correct pre-war era instruments, in the style of the highly desirable late 1930s Dobro guitars with Spider bridges. To avoid confusion with the dozens of Biscuit-cone and Tri-cone guitars built under the National ResoPhonic brand name, Eric and Don decided to debut an entirely new “brand name” to highlight these unique insttruments.

Built for the demands of bluegrass players these guitars will be offered in round neck and square neck configuration at FAR lower prices than one would expect.

Tonally these guitars offer the classic pre-war midrange tone that one would expect from a Spider-bridge type resonator but far more bass and volume than I’ve ever encountered in any vintage Dobro.

The Twelfth Fret is pleased to carry Smith and Young Resophonic guitars. We’ll set them up to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

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