NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Raines Master Series 7 string Classical Guitars




Raines Master Series 7 string Classical Guitars for Jazz annd Latin Music

Finally we can offer a well made 7 – string classical guitar at a reasonable price – the Raines Master Series 7 String.

Used extensively in South American popular music and Latin Jazz,  the low string is generally tuned to an A or a B.

I have searched for 7 – string guitars for years, but well-made guitars that did not cost thousands of dollars were not to be found… until now !!

These Master Series 7 – strings are very well crafted. Entirely handmade from the finest tonewoods and finished in Nitrocelluose lacquer.

Incredible players like Felipe Coelho of Sao Paulo, Brazil are making great waves with the tonal possibilities offered by this new guitar.

We carry only the most deluxe version in Cedar top for enhanced bass response.  Solid rosewood back and sides,  ebony fretboard and a lovely rosette completes this professional quality instrument.  650 mm (25.6 inch) scale and 50.8mm (2 inch) nut. The string spacing is slightly narrower than a standard classical guitar. Fitted with Deluxe Gotoh tuners.

Grant MacNeill

Please note – these guitars are not currently in stock



Here’s a video of the Raines Master Series 7 string Classical guitar in action:


Pricing $989.00 Canadian with hardshell case, regularly $1450
Neck Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard. 650mm (25.6 inch) scale length, 50.8 (2 inch) nut width.
Body Cedar top, Indian Rosewood back and sides.
Finish Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish.
Hardware/electronics Deluxe Gotoh tuners.






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