Demeter MB-2 Midboost – Fat Control

The Demeter MB-2 Midboost / Fat Control is  for guitar players looking to add depth, warmth and extra punch to their tone, a midbooster can be the perfect tool.

Demeter’s MB-2 Midboost / Fat Control is a powered, onboard preamp designed to enhance the midrange frequencies of your guitar. Demeter has voiced this mid booster beautifully, allowing it to give your guitar the extra power and sustain you want for enhancing your solo tones, without adding harshness or making things too “flubby”. The MB-2 comes with its own volume pot, allowing it to be “blended” in to your natural guitar tone. This gives you full control over how much boost you want to add to your signal.

The Demeter MB-2 Midboost / Fat Control hits the sweet spot perfectly.