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1927 C. F. Martin 00-21 SOLD

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US Price: US $4141.12
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Class: Vintage
S/N: 36409, dates to 1927
The C. F. Martin 00-21 Steel String Acoustic Guitar was introduced in 1989 and produced until 1996, with the model's major changes coming in 1927 when bracing for steel strings was introduced, in 1947 when the Ebony fingerboard was replaced with Rosewood, and in 1970 when Indian Rosewood was used in place of Brazilian.

As a 00 model, the body size is fairly small, and as a 21 model the back and sides are rosewood but the decoration is slight - the fingerboard and head are not bound.

This Martin 00-21 dates to 1927 and has aSpruce top with no pickguard, plain Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck with slotted peghead and bar frets, an unbound ebony fingerboard and ebony pyramid bridge. Mother of Pearl slotted snowflake inlays are used on the fingerboard, and Herringbone marquetry strips are used for the rosette and back strip.

The top has play wear where a pickguard would go, a slight belly and the saddle is low. The string height is 5/64ths inch treble and 7/64ths inch bass.

The tuners are the original strip models with ivoroid (celluloid) buttons. The bridge pins are not original, and the guitar comes with a 1960s fibre case.

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