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1998 Guild Bluesbird with Figured Maple Top (SOLD)

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S/N: CL001281, dates to 1998 and built at Westerly, Rhode Island.
The Guild Bluesbird has been Guild's take on the classic single-cutaway, mahogany and maple body electric design. The origins of the Guild Bluesbird go back to 1967, and the Guild M-75 which was available in hollow body and in 1970, solid body versions. It's been discontinued and re-introduced at least twice.


This fine example dates to 1998 and was built at Guild's plant in Westerly, Rhode Island. It has a very nicely figured maple top with a slight antique amber tint to the clear gloss finish. It's in original condition except for the addition of a licenced Bigsby B7 dual-roller vibrato tailpiece; the original stop tailpiece and studs are in the case.


The pickups are the original SH-1 models by Seymour Duncan - the main modification from the Duncan branded 1959 model is the wider mounting plate, allowing the traditional Guild three-screw mount. This is a much better idea than the standard two-screw mount, as it not only allows the pickup to be angled to fully face the strings, but it prevents the pickup rattling so common to the two-screw mount.


This guitar is in good condition with only minor wear, and it's been well cared for. The original hard shell, arched top case is included.

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