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2001 Collings OM1 Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Price: CDN $3200
US Price: US $2548.38
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 7513, built during 2001 at the Collings shop in Austin, Texas.
The Collings OM1 is one of the best renditions of the Orchestra Model body design. Simple yet elegant and extremely well built, this guitar delivers tone and playability. This body style is a favourite with fingerstyle players.

This example was built during 2001 at the Collings shop in Austin, Texas and has been owned and played by a prominent Canadian session guitarist. Aside from his great chops, he's known for his light touch and consequently fret wear is very light, even after years of use. It is overall in very good condition, and its tone has fully opened up - it is very responsive, with even representation across the spectrum and sparkling highs. The original case is included.

Visit the Collings website for more information on current versions of the OM1!

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