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2006 Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100 (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1500
US Price: US $1194.55
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 2006266
The Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100 was originally designed by Bob Bradshaw, and is aimed towards serious guitarists who want a pro grade point to point amplifier. These amplifiers are now built by John Suhr's JS Technologies to the same designs.

The OD100 is a two-channel, 100 watt head, built to be tonally versatile and usable in larger venues. It has a full complement of tone controls for each channel, and an effects loop with return level control. It uses 6L6 power tubes.

This amplifier was built in 2006, is in good working order and in good physical condition.

Click here to visit the Surh website and read about the current versions of the Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100 range!

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