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2006 Rickenbacker Model 620 Fireglo (SOLD)

Price: CDN $1600
US Price: US $1274.19
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
Weight: 7.6 lbs
S/N: 06-15101, built during 2006 at the Rickenbacker plant in Santa Ana, California.
Rickenbacker guitars are distinctive and readily recognizable, visible and audibly. The Rickenbacker Model 620 solid body uses the Cresting Wave body design introduced by Roger Rossmeisl in the late 1950s.


The Rickenbacker Model 620 has a number of prominent users, including the great Mike Campbell of Tom Petty's band the Heartbreakers and Stephen Van Zandt in Bruce Springsteen's band. A very similar model, a 1963 625-12, is one of the key elements of the 'Damn the Torpedoes' album cover.


This example dates to 2006 and is in very good, original and complete condition, with no appreciable wear or damage. It appears to have spent most of its life to date in the case - which is original and includes all the 'case candy'. The compact body is very comfortable at 7.6 pounds, and very well balanced. While it's as bright as one would expect from a Rickenbacker, the use of a trapeze style tailpiece adds a roundness, reducing the harshness that sometimes comes from an all-maple solidbody guitar.


As with most Rickebackers, the wiring is also distinctive, with the fifth knob as a blend control, mixing the balance of the two pickups when the switch is in the middle position. And of course it has two output jacks - standard mono and Rick-O-Sound, which separates the two pickups to two amps if a correct cable is used. The correct cable is wired with a 'stereo' plug on one end and two mono leads coming from it; standard insert cables are wired this way.


Visit the Rickenbacker Guitars website to lean more about the Rickenbacker Model 620!

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