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2010 Mike Ramsey Fretless Banjo SOLD

Price: CDN $959
US Price: US $763.72
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 713, purchased new around 2010, built in Appomattox, VA.
Mike Ramsey runs a highly respected one-man banjo shop, producing custom instruments often with 12 inch pots, and some with quite elaborate decoration. His shop is now in Pittsboro, NC and was previously in Appomattox, VA., where this banjo was built.


This Mike Ramsey 5-string banjo was purchased new from Elderly Instruments around 2010, and carries serial number 713. As Ramsey banjos go it is relatively plain, featuring a 12 inch maple pot, maple neck with fretless rosewood fingerboard, and a mother of pearl star inlay on the rosewood headplate.


This instrument is in excellent condition, and has been set up by Grant MacNeill with nylon strings. It is being sold with a Deering gig bag.

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