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SOLD!!! 2010 Suhr Badger 18 Amp Head and Cabinet

Price: CDN $1950
US Price: US $1552.92
*US dollar exchange varies daily
Class: Used
S/N: 176, built around 2010 at the Suhr plant in Lake Elsinore, California.
The Suhr Badger 18 is an all tube, single channel 18 watt amplifier with a 1x12 speaker cabinet, built for the performing and recording guitarist.

In 2005, Suhr set out to design a series of portable, hand built, all-tube amplifiers, easy to use and offer players a vast array of classic British tones and right at home in virtually any recording or live performance environment.

This example dates to around 2010, based on the serial number, and is in very clean, good condition.

Visit the Suhr website to learn more about the Suhr Badger amplifier lineup!

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