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2013 Raimundo 1498e Requinto SOLD

Price: CDN $925
US Price: US $736.64
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Class: Used
S/N: 114733, built during 2013.
Manuel Raimundo's guitars have been built in Valencia, Spain since the late 1960's. Starting in borrowed workshop space, Raimundo has grown to be a widely respected builder, winning many awards.

Today we have a Raimundo 1498e Requinto. The Requinto is a short scale (about 530mm or 22 inch) guitar, and are often tuned a fourth higher than a standard guitar. This higher tuning makes up for the short scale - tuned as a guitar, standard strings would be very loose and 'floppy'.

The small size of the requinto, and its identical fingering makes this a very good choice for a travelling guitarist who doesn't have a lot of room. It's also very good for those with smaller hands who desire a full, rich tone.

This Raimundo 1498e Requinto, from 2013, is a high-quality instrument built with solid Indian rosewood back,sides headplate and bridge, a Sitka spruce top and a traditional Spanish cedar neck with ebony fingerboard. The body is cutaway to allow access to the higher frets, and a Fishman Prefix pickup system is installed.

The scale length is 560mm and the nut width is 51mm.

This guitar is in excellent condition and the original case is included.

Visit the Guitarras Raimundo website to read more about the Raimundo 1498e Requinto here!

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