1967 Baldwin Jazz Bass SOLD

Serial Number 21080, circa 1967
Pricing $850 CDN SOLD
Neck Bound, slim V-profile maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and dot markers. The neck is in quite good condition.
Frets 22 frets, plus zero fret, in excellent condition.
Body Probably Obeche.
Finish Worn, Red and black sunburst finish. Some dents and finish chipping.
Hardware/electronics Three Burns Tri-Sound pickups, Tone Selector, Tone and Volume controls. Original bridge and Van Ghent tuning gears.
The engraved serial number plate covers the neck bolts and trussrod adjuster.
Playability/Action This bass plays quite well with pretty low action.
Case Original case included.
Comments Burns was founded in 1960, and was sold to Baldwin in 1965 (who also purchased Gretsch in 1967). Though this should have improved the Burns presence in Baldwin’s largest market, it didn’t, and production stopped in 1970. Consequently, these instruments are not commonly found in North America. Through later attempts to recreate the designs, it has retained a niche appeal.This example has been well used, but works very well and has minimal fret wear. It has the semi-scroll headstock, distinguishing it from later models with the Fender-type 4-a-side gear arrangement. The action is very comfortable, making it an interesting and useful addition to any collection.

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