SOLD Rickenbacker 360-6 Fireglo 2005 (consignment)

Comments Rickenbacker has maintained their production strictly in their Southern California facilities, resisting the temptation to grow for growth’s sake and send production to other countries. This has allowed them to keep close control of quality and production numbers, and no-one else produces guitars that look or sound like a Ric. However, the limits of production also mean that available Rics can be harder to find.The 360 is a distinctive guitar, but unlike some attempts at making a distinctive design, it really works. It looks unlike any other brand or model, it’s very comfortable to play, wear or sit with, and it sounds very good.This 2005 example of the 360/6 looks like it came from the factory recently – it’s in excellent condition with no appreciable wear or finish damage. It even has the “Made in America” sticker on the pickguard. Being a 360, it’s also wired for Ric-O-Sound, allowing the use of a different amplifier or channel for each pickup.
Serial Number 05 28821, built 2008 in Santa Ana, California.
Pricing $1,750 CAD with original case.
Neck Maple/walnut laminate neck with bound, lacquered rosewood fingerboard and slash position markers.
Frets Original frets with no appreciable wear.
Body Chambered maple body with bound back. On the 360, the front and sides of the guitar are milled from a solid maple block, the neck is installed and the back is another section of maple. Bound Cat’s Eye soundhole on the bass side.
Finish FireGlo! Red sunburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish in near-perfect condition.
Hardware/electronics All original electronics, with two High-Gain pickups, individual volume and tone controls, master volume and pickup selector. Wired for Ric-O-Sound, so there are two output jacks. Six section bridge with original cover, R-type tailpiece and factory Schaller tuning gears.
Playability/Action Plays very well with lots of room to adjust the action as desired. The contours and balance of the 360 make it a very comfortable guitar to play.
Case Original case included.

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