Rusnak Alto 10 String Classical Guitar (consignment) SOLD

Comments Here is a very interesting Edward Rusnak Alto 10 String Classical Guitar, built during 2012.

Since 1980, Edward Rusnak has been building renaissance and classical instruments, including lutes, citterns, violins, violas, and baroque guitars.

This lovely instument is in near perfect condition and the tone is surprisingly big for a smaller instrument.

Unlike many classical guitars, it has a bright clear sound with great distinction between the voices, so it never gets tubby and muddy in the lower range. The top range is exceptionally clear and sweet.

The alto voicing makes it bright and pure; a perfect instrument for baroque and classical music. The small body, short scale, alto voicing, and extended range make it a great instrument for guitarists looking to explore the lute repertoire as well.

Note: this interesting short scale guitar came to us strung as an Alto guitar, tuned up a 4th from regular pitches.

we took a second look at the 600mm (23 5/8″) scale and thought this guitar would perform at standard pitch. We have installed a standard set of D’Addario hard tension and retuned to standard pitches. This is a lovely and functional 10 string guitar.

Now, at standard pitches with the smaller body and shorter scale it makes for much less of a “handful” when playing. Most players will adapt to the 10 string format much easier with this smaller scale instrument.

A note from Edward Rusnak: “This my 50th year of instrument making. I am a graduate of McGill University “s Faculty of Music, where I taught Classical Guitar until deciding to pursue lutherie full time. I have been doing that for 35 years. ”

Serial Number N/A, built during 2012 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Pricing $2,500.00 CAD including case.
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound ebony fingerboard. 600mm scale length.
Frets No appreciable fretwear.
Body Alto sized cutaway body with spruce top and bookmatched flame maple back and sides.
Finish French polish finish in near perfect condition.
Hardware/electronics Schaller tuning gears.
Playability/Action Plays well and cleanly with an incredible range.
Case Hardshell case that fits perfectly, included.

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