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T REX Comp Nova

I’m often asked, “Mike, what compressor do you use?” and I often inject my sarcastic humor by lifting up my right hand to show the perspective customer my compressor. I’ve never been one to use compression. The only time I ever did was to cop that Nile Rogers/CHIC funky guitar tone. Needless to say, I don’t get called often to pull off those tones. Compression is useful for evening out the highs and lows of a sound wave, in turn squashing the peaks and valleys to produce and even volume. Compression can also be use to sweeten and/or boost a tone. Nevertheless, T-Rex produces one of the sweetest, warmest and most musical compressors on the market.


T REX Dr Swamp

I’ve always loved dirt pedals. Even though most of my gain and overdrive come courtesy of my trusty Koch Powertone and my VHT (now Fryette Amps) Pitbull, I still have a fascination with little boxes that make guitar sounds ugly. It’s really an obsession. Like most guitarist out there, I own a plethora of distortion pedals but always seek out funky old gem and the latest in gain train devices. Here we have the Dr. Swamp. Immediately, you’ll notice that there are two individual voicings on this pedal…yep, that means two distortion sounds can be accessed. The overall pedal tone is very versatile and controls are very intuitive with the simple Gain, Level and Tone knobs along with two on/off switches. Individual settings can be dialed in and remote accessed via the pedal thus turning a meager one-channel amp with a clean sound into a versatile 3 channel set up. The overdrive tone ranges from tweed like grit to a full-blown modded JCM 800 style tone. I had a blast running through some of the songs on my cover band’s (Left Of Eden) set list. The extreme settings will not get you into the Norwegian Black Metal territory but they will however get you an intense, versatile, chunky and sophisticated sounding pedal. The pedals fidelity is really amazing and doesn’t give of the cold and sterile sound that some high tech pedals do. I had a blast running through some old UFO songs with this one at a Sixes & Sevens rehearsal where I pretty much nailed the pinnacle Michael Schenker tone.


T REX Replica Analog Delay

Analog delays are a hot item these days. More and more people are seeking a smaller, more reliable and cost effective solution to the Tape Delay dilemma. The T REX Replica Analog Delay is one of the closest replications of the tape echo I’ve ever heard.


A Gear Junkies guide to building the perfect pedal board

A while ago, I was thinking to myself as to how I could better reach out to many of you who faithfully read my “colourful” reviews of gear on our site. I remember getting Twelfth Fret newsletters many years ago with various features in it. I would even have them forwarded to when I was on the road. Lately, I have had so many pedal order placement questions that it isn’t funny. So in light of this, my first tech-y feature is on building a pedal board. This worked out great, as I needed to get a pedal board together for gigs with my cover band and I was going to be spending time at home with my family with the birth of my daughter Olivia. Here it is, folks!


JAM Guitar Effects Pedals

JAM Guitar Effects Pedals

At the Twelfth Fret, we’re always on the look out for cool new products. Pedals are something that ooze instant gratification. For relatively little money, you can completely change your sound with the simple stomp of a switch. Pedals come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. Enter JAM Guitar Effects Pedals.


JAM Tube Dreamer 72 Effects Pedal

This is the lower gain cousin of the Tube Dreamer 58. It’s a bit more transparent for boosting and less spiky in the midrange.

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