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Gold Tone Banjos: The Tranjo Travel Banjo

If you really miss your banjo when you travel, but don’t have a lot of room or inclination to lug a full sized pot assembly around, this Tranjo from Gold Tone is just the ticket. The Tranjo is a full scale banjo that breaks down to 20″ in length without tools in less than a minute! This is not a toy but a full scale banjo that plays and intonates well!!!


Gold Tone Banjos: OB-250 Sunburst

With features such as sandcast bell brass flathead tone ring, one-piece zinc-alloy flange, 3-ply maple rim, bound ebony fingerboard with Hearts & Flowers inlays, planetary tuners and two way truss rod , the OB-250 from Gold Tone definitely is a front runner for best banjo in its class!


Gold Tone Banjos : The CC-100R Plus

It is hard to get better value in an entry level banjo than Gold Tone Banjo’s Cripple Creek series. Today we are featuring the CC-100R Plus complete with rosewood fingerboard, mother-of-pearl markers, straight-line tailpiece, armrest, maple resonator, maple neck and brass tone ring. The upgraded stained finish, Planetary tuners and engraved armrest on this new “Plus” model really do add a nice traditional touch to the aesthetics of this instrument!


SOLD! Gold Tone OT-800 Banjo

This new Tubaphone style open back is a welcome addition to an already impressive line of banjos by Gold Tone. Here’s what Chuck Levy had to say when he reviewed it.


Gold Tone CEB 5 Cello Banjo

Today we are featuring something a little different; the CEB 5 Cello Banjo from Gold Tone!


Vega Tu-ba-phone No.9 Tenor Banjo 1928 (Consignment) SOLD

around 1909.   The Tu-ba-phone tone ring has a square crossection with holes perforated on its inner surface and is considered to this day,  one of the finest tone rings for both tenor and 5-string frailing banjos!   This particular tenor is a No. 9 model with intricately engraved mother-of-pearl inlays and a highly detailed neck-heel carving!  These Tu-ba-phone No. 9 banjos are not only sought after as tenors,  but are highly valued as potential conversions to 5-string claw-hammer instruments!



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