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Gold Tone OT-800 Banjo

This new Tubaphone style open back is a welcome addition to an already impressive line of banjos by Gold Tone. Here’s what Chuck Levy had to say when he reviewed it.


Gold Tone CEB 5 Cello Banjo

Today we are featuring something a little different; the CEB 5 Cello Banjo from Gold Tone!


Gold Star Banjos: GF-100W ” Wreath “

Starting in the late ’70s, Saga introduced its Gold Star line of banjos. At the time, the major American manufacturer (who shall remain unnamed!) was going through some serious quality issues in their banjo line while Gold Star was actually improving on the traditional designs of the elusive ‘Pre-War originals’! The Gold Star flange and tension hoop alloys were upgraded to avoid the impurities and metal fatigue of the originals and their vintage style 20 hole flathead tone ring was the envy of the industry!


Vega Tu-ba-phone No.9 Tenor Banjo 1928 (Consignment) SOLD

around 1909.   The Tu-ba-phone tone ring has a square crossection with holes perforated on its inner surface and is considered to this day,  one of the finest tone rings for both tenor and 5-string frailing banjos!   This particular tenor is a No. 9 model with intricately engraved mother-of-pearl inlays and a highly detailed neck-heel carving!  These Tu-ba-phone No. 9 banjos are not only sought after as tenors,  but are highly valued as potential conversions to 5-string claw-hammer instruments!



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