Ecstatic About The Level of Repair And End Result!

I recently took a 60’s era DelVecchio resonated guitar in to your repair shop. Dave Hill did all the work (I believe?) It took about 8 months as the neck had to be straightened (steamed) several times and re-planed. Plus re-fretted and some other small things. I paid and took my instrument home.

I have neglected letting you know how ecstatic I am about the level of the repair and the end result. The guitar is extremely playable and responsive. It tunes better than it ever has and the tone is unbelievable! I couldn’t be happier. It was expensive, but it’s plain to anyone that this is a superior repair and the workmanship is first rate. You get what you pay for and I don’t mind spending the money for your excellence.

Thank you Dave! A million times! I’m a very happy camper and a loyal Twelfth Fret customer. Forever.

Wendell Ferguson