Triple Threat – A 3 Charlie Christian Pickup Strat

I have had this guitar back over a week and I am still ecstatic over what a great job Jay did with that humble Classic Vibe Strat!

After you guys put that Lollar CC pickup in the neck of my tele, I couldn’t find a telecaster style bridge pickup which matched up closely enough with it for my taste while still fitting in a conventional telecaster bridge. So Lollar wound three balanced output CC tele neck style pickup and I bought a CV Strat in order to have something to try them out in.

It was a total experiment. The CV strat had had its fret edges beveled just a little deep and there was some playing room lost on the fret. I asked the fellow who helped me (Scott?), if he could put a new nut in with a bit tighter string spacing to compensate for the loss of playing space and he assured me that he could and we left it at that.

Now as things turned out Jay was the fellow who ended up working on the guitar. Now in a mediocre place when a different fellow works on your instrument than the fellow you talked to, something usually gets lost in the translation. But I’ll have you know, that thing plays fantastic now. The before and after with a new nut and set up was really striking. Way beyond expectations! I had assumed that I would check out how the pickups sounded and change out the neck to a Warmoth or something, once I determined whether it was worth it or not. This guitar is remaining intact now.

I have owned a lot of instruments, have taken guitar building courses and put guitars together myself. Twelfth Fret’s work really is on a different level than other places in this city and it is not only the technical ability but taking the time to understand clearly what the customer wants and treating even less expensive instrument with care.

I couldn’t be happier. This set up has taken this guitar to a different level now. I have a totally unique instrument that can effectively go from playing thick George Benson single-note jazz lines to Dire Straits approved ‘quack’ with the flick of a 5-way switch!