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Rickenbacker 330 1989 (Consignment) SOLD

Rickenbacker 330 1989
Serial Number:… 8656 circa 1989
Neck:… Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard are in good condition.
Frets:… 24 original frets with only minor wear across first 3 frets.
Body:… maple semi-hollow body.
Finish:… Original nitro “fireglo” finish is in good overall condition. Slight buckle wear on
back, and minor dents on top.
Hardware/electronics:… all original
Playability/Action:… Great playability, action set at 5/64″ bass side, 4/64″ treble side.
Case:… Original hardshell case
Pricing:… $1450.00 Canadian (approx. $1450 US as of Nov 4/2010) SOLD

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