The Twelfth Fret Consignment Policy

The Twelfth Fret welcomes consignment instruments. Over the past 40 years we have helped our clients to find buyers for many thousands of vintage and used guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, amplifiers and a host of other instruments.

Consignments keep our inventory fresh and interesting with a variety of rare and gently-used instruments.

Our busy shop has a steady traffic of local customers and visitors from abroad. Our client base now exceeds 34,000 players. With roughly 15,000 daily views on our web site, we are well equipped to sell your instrument.

Our formal consignment contract outlines:

  • The Selling price
  • The Payout price to the consignor
  • Any applicable repair or service costs
  • Details and specifications on the instrument that our staff need to know in order to knowledgeably advise potential buyers.

Chris Bennett is our vintage guitar specialist, he acts as our chief appraiser on vintage instruments and amplifiers.

We help the consignor establish a realistic resale price-range for the instrument. The final price will depend your circumstances and how quickly you want to sell your instrument. Naturally, a slightly under-priced instrument will sell faster than a “market-priced” instrument.

We charge a 20% sales commission for consignment instruments valued at $1000 and charge a flat rate of $200 for instruments valued at under $1000.
We ask that the instrument remain here for a minimum of 30 days. Most instruments turn over in the first 30 to 60 days.

Most of our sales are physical walk-in, in-store sales. That being said, with online sales being more and more of a norm, we regularly post consignments for sale on the “just in” section of our website. However, we are almost always backlogged with consignments due to be uploaded, please allow an average of 4-5 weeks for your consignment to be posted on the website.  And as time permits we will publish consignments on our Social Media outlets.

Consignment Payouts
A cheque to the consignor is generally issued on the following Wednesday, when our bookkeeper is in the office. Or, alternate arrangements can be made to wire funds to any bank or convert the ‘payout’ to an in-store trade-in credit.

Please contact us  for any further questions, inquiries or to check the status of your existing consignment.

Grant MacNeill