Lessons At The Twelfth Fret Music School Are Temporarily Suspended


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Diverse Musical Expertise

Toronto seems to be a hotspot for top guitar teachers, and there is no exception when it comes to The Twelfth Fret Music School. Boasting an impressive faculty of talented, diverse, guitarists you are certain to find the support and assistance you need.

Expert, Experienced Teachers

The Twelfth Fret Music School is one of Toronto’s best guitarists’ music schools. Our location offers on-site lessons for electric & acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, violin/fiddle and banjo.   The school employs seven professional guitar teachers and two bass teachers – all with extensive teaching and playing experience in pop, rock, blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, folk, modern fingerstyle and classical idioms.

Ready Support

We are ready to guide you through the next level of your playing experience; help you conquer a tough riff, or a style which is simply holding you back. Our teachers can meet with you and provide the support you need to go forward. You can meet for one lesson or a monthly refresher. Our support is ready to play.

Global Reputation

The Twelfth Fret has a 40 year history of providing expertise to guitarist’s the world over. When you take lesson you make yourself available to the resource not only through your teachers, but of the instrument you play. Our staff of luthiers are available to help ensure your instrument plays the way you want it to. Our sales team will help guide you to the instrument which works for you. And our teachers are always reviewing our broad selection of on-hand instruments. We feel this provides a total package for you and your musical goals. 


How To Spice Up Your Travis Picking by Using The Up Beats

Travis picking is a great tool that every fingerpicker should have in their bag.  It’s the backbone to many popular songs both past and present and offers the player almost endless variations. This article will just begin to scratch the surface of how to take simple alternating thumb patterns and turn them into more interesting ideas. Here is what I would consider to be about the most basic Travis style pattern.  We will be using a first position C major

Practicing, The Internet and 100 Conflicting Opinions

  My students will frequently ask me what my thoughts are on various online articles they may have come across.  It might be a specific video tutorial, maybe a how to hold your hands article or a how to structure your practicing time column.  There is a lot of information out there, much of it conflicting and a lot of it in my opinion misses the mark, in some cases by miles.  I remember in one case a student was

Playing A Simple Dead Thumb Blues

You know from the very beginning when something is called “dead thumb” it’s going to be cool!  The dead thumb technique is very old and many of the oldest blues and roots recordings feature it fully or in some variant form.  People interested in older blues styles will know the sound of this technique right away, but lately a number of newer, popular artists are revisiting it with great success and bringing it to a wider audience.  The artist Hozier