Instrument Service and Repair Rates

The Twelfth Fret - Allparts Premium Installation Partner

The Twelfth Fret repair shop is always staffed during store hours.  No appointment is necessary, and we offer a full and free estimate at the time when an instrument is brought in.  In the case of assessing major restoration work, there may be a minimal charge. Please note that the below prices are guidelines; we quote each instrument based on its condition.

  • Bench Rate: $125.00 per hour
  • Minimum Charge: $30.00
  • Repair Estimate: no charge
  • Major Repair / Restoration Estimate: $50.00


  • Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.
  • Prices are for labour only. Parts not included unless specified.
  • Set-up is not included  in repair prices but is often required. 


Complete Set-Up
Acoustic Guitar $85.00
Bass $100.00
Mandolin $100.00
Electric Guitar $100.00
Locking Tremolo Guitar $125.00
12 String Guitar $125.00
Banjo $125.00
Resonator Guitar $125.00
Bouzouki $125.00
Fret Dress (Plus Set-up)
Complete Fret Dress $200.00
Minimum Fret Dress (Level and Bus Frets) $100.00
Tag Fret Dress (with Re-crown) $100.00
Heat Press (no Guarantee) $75.00
Glue and Re-Seat Frets $50.00 and up
Dress Fret Ends $50.00
Banjo 5-String Fret Dress $250.00 and up
Re-Fret (Plus Set-up, plus $10.00 for parts.  Stainless Steel add $75 labour and $20 parts)
Re-Fret $400.00
Partial Re-Fret (3 to 12 Frets As Required) $225.00 – $275.00
Re-Fret – Bound Fingerboard $450.00
Re-Fret – Maple Fingerboard (clear lacquer satin finish) $500.00
Re-Fret – Maple Fingerboard (tint lacquer gloss finish) $600.00
Re-Fret Rickenbacker Finished Fingerboard with Wood Fill $650.00
Re-fret Banjo 5-String Unbound Fingerboard $425.00
Re-fret Banjo 5-String Bound Fingerboard $475.00
Custom Nut Work (Plus Set-up)
New Guitar and Bass Nut (add $5.00 for parts) $100.00
New 12 string Guitar Nut (add $5.00 for parts) $125.00
New Mandolin Nut (add $5.00 for parts) $125.00
New Banjo Nut (add $5.00 for parts) $100.00
Install Fender LSR or Floyd Lock Nut $125.00
Install Pre-Slotted Plastic Nut $50.00
Custom Saddle Work (Plus Set-up)
New Saddle (add $5.00 for parts) $75.00
New Saddle with Intonated profile (add $5.00 for parts) $75.00 – $100.00
Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot $150.00
Install Tuning Machines
Retro Fit $30.00
Different Style (Includes Filling Screw Holes and Minimum Touch-Up) $50.00 – $75.00
Bass Guitar Work (Plus Set-up)
Plane Fretless Bass $175.00
De-Fret Bass $300.00
Structural Repairs
Cracked Headstock (With Minimum Touch-Up) $150.00 and up
Head-Splice (With Re-Finishing as Necessary) $1200.00 and up
Top, Rim and Back Cracks $100.00 to $150.00 and up
Re-Glue Loose Braces $75.00 Each and up
Re-Glue Martin Style Pickguard $100.00
Neck Re-Sets (Includes Minimum Dress and Set-Up)
Martin Style $600.00
Gibson and Other Styles $700.00 and up
Dowel-Stick Banjo $600.00
Bridge Work
Bridge Shave $75.00
Sub-Plate $60.00
Replace Bridge-Plate $150.00 and up
Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge $175.00
Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge with pick-up $175.00 – $200.00
Re-Glue Classical/ Fan Style Braced Bridge $175.00
Re-Glue Gibson J-200 Style Bridge $175.00
New Custom Martin Style Bridge with Saddle, plus Rosewood or Ebony Blank $450,00 +$15,00(RW)+25.00(Ebony)
New Custom Pyramid Style Bridge With Saddle plus Rosewood or Ebony Blank $500.00 +$15,00(RW)+25.00(Ebony)
New Custom Classical Style Bridge (Includes Finishing) Hourly Rate 
All custom wiring work is quoted at hourly rate plus parts.
Acoustic pickup installation $100.00 – $175.00 and up
Pickup potting $50.00 to $75.00  per Pickup
Pickup rewinding $100.00 and up
Trouble shooting Hourly Rate
335 thin hollow body style Hourly Rate
Touchups $100.00 and up
Specialty Items
Install Banjo head (Plus parts) $50.00 – $75.00 *Requires full disassembly
Install Skin Banjo Head (Plus parts) $150.00 – $175.00 *Requires full disassembly
Replacing Bolt-On style Necks $125.00 and up
Guitar Kit Assembly $250.00 and up
Resonator Install Hourly Rate
Custom Routing Hourly Rate
Banjo Full Disassembly/Reassembly Hourly Rate
Custom Pickguards Installed (Plus Materials)
Flamenco Tap Plates Mylar (Standard Shape as per Template) $100.00 to $125.00
Martin Style $50.00
Electric Guitar Pickguard $150.00 and up
Left-Handed Conversion
New Custom Nut (add $5.00 for parts) $100.00
Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot $185.00
New Saddle (add $5.00 for parts) $75.00
Position Dots (Up To Body Joint Only) $100.00