The Twelfth Fret Terms and Conditions

  • Returns of Guitars, mandolins, banjos, amplifiers etc.
  • All sales are final.  Displayed prices are based on Canadian Dollar in-store pricing, exclusive of any taxes or import duties.

We have a no-returns policy with the following exceptions:

Purchases made on 48 hour approval for shipped instruments within Canada (NEW INSTRUMENTS ONLY):

  • We routinely ship instruments to our long-distance customers on 48 hour approval within CANADA ONLY.  In the unlikely event that you don’t like the instrument, you can return for full refund less the shipping costs. The 48 hour approval option MUST be arranged in advance when you purchase the instrument. Our staff will clearly enter this option into your sales contract.
  • New guitar lifetime warranty conditions can also prevent a full refund on some products.
  • Please ask in advance if you wish to have the 48 hour approval option as each and every instrument has different conditions attached.
  • Return policy issues are unique to each and every sale.

Refunds to Foreign currency credit cards

We refund the purchase price as charged in Canadian dollars. Since the US dollar to Canadian dollar exchange rate floats up and down every hour, you may gain or lose slightly on your refund depending on the actual rate of exchange on the day we process the refund. We see exactly the same amount of Canadian dollars come into and leave our account. But the US dollar equivalent will vary slightly from day to day. Both the Canadian refund amount and the US equivalent will show up on your credit card statement.

Return of Strings and accessories

No problems here; we are happy to refund, credit or exchange provided goods are returned in a timely manner and in their original packages. Shipping costs are not refunded.

Return of Effects pedals, Recording gear, Microphones etc.
No returns allowed unless purchased on a specific 48 hour approval basis.

Summary  / Customer Service Statement

Since 1977, we have built a large and loyal clientele, mainly due to our exceptional customer service. Our goal is to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied; no matter how small or large the purchase.

If you haven’t had the chance to become acquainted with us and our team, kindly refer to our customer testimonials on our  testimonial page here on our website.

Warrantee: New Instruments, Electronic Gear and Effects

Each and every NEW instrument, amp and effect we sell is covered by the formal manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties vary from 1 year up to lifetime depending on the manufacturer.

Long distance customers must ship their items to us at their expense. We will send the goods back to the customer after repair/replacement at our expense.

Items shipped outside of Canada are not covered locally and must be returned to Canada for any warranty claim.

Warrantee: Used and vintage Instruments

There is no warranty with used and vintage instruments. That said, we are skilled luthiers and guitar technicians and we thoroughly inspect and setup each instrument that we ship.  We encourage our long-distance customers to provide us with a profile of their playing technique, right hand attack, string gauge, action expectations and alternate tunings so we can setup the instrument before we ship. The custom setup procedure also gives us a second opportunity correct any previously unnoticed faults.

Warrantee: Used and vintage amplifiers and effects

Used Amps and effects are sold “as-is-where-is”.  We are not amplifier technicians. We are in no position to test used amps beyond simply plugging them in and playing through them to ensure they work properly here in the store.