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Thank you for the excellent service!

I received the guitar today. It’s even better than I hoped it would be. The Tennessee Waltz brought my wife in smiling from the other room. Thank you for the excellent service. 

Ken F.

Overall, great service and a great shop.

I picked up a Strat on Saturday, and was helped by Nevin.   He was extremely helpful, and knowledgeable about the differences in the models.  Once I made my selection, he set it up for me and showed me how to make minor adjustments myself.

Overall, great service and a great shop.

Lawrence Senders

Could Not Be More Pleased!

I received my Turner guitar last week and could not be more pleased.  It’s a beautifully simple guitar that feels and sounds sublime and is exactly as you described.  Thank you Max and the rest of the 12th Fret staff for working through my questions, the payment options and the solid packaging and shipping.

Jeff H.

Banjo Arrived Today!

Just wanted to let you know that my Banjo arrived today. I am glad I paid the extra and got the Artisan. It is beautiful and the sound is awesome like I knew it would be. Thanks again and if i find anyone in need of a banjo I will send them your way for sure.

Stephen G.

Barbados Can’t Wait!

Grant, thanks the great service, guitar should be arriving in Barbados first week in June…. cant wait!


I Can’t Stop Playing My Kenny Hill Torres Guitar!

I just received my Kenny Hill Torres guitar and I can’t stop playing it. The projection, sound and ease of playing are truly remarkable. I love it! Very satisfied with the purchase and your staff.

Marius P.

Wildwood Troubadour

I’m sure I will enjoy it thoroughly. I had also contacted an instructor and will be setting up some lessons in the near future.  Grant, your help has been wonderful and you will be getting great word of mouth reviews from this satisfied customer!

Marc B.

Really Like What You Folks Have Done!

I really like what you’ve done with the website and newsletter posting. Please keep these things coming. Another reason why The Twelfth Fret is just about the finest ‘go to’ place for all of us guitarists, and those who pursue other fretted instruments.

Meredith C.

Gallagher arrived today and I’m digging it!

Really like the look and sound.  Haven’t plugged it in yet, but looking so forward to it!  Thanks for the great guitar at a good price and excellent service.

Justin S.

Banjo Sounds Great!

Finally picked up the banjo from Fedex last night. Looks and sounds great .  Thanks for the setup!  My wife loves it!  She would play a bit, hug the banjo giggling, play some more, hug banjo and giggle some more, repeat  …   A big hit (:

Steven R.

You Guys Did An Awesome Job!

Got the guitar yesterday, you guys did an awesome job. If I didn’t know there had been an issue I would never be able to tell. Please relay my thanks to the boys, that’s serious pro work!


Lucky Winner Photo-Contest!

I was one of the lucky winners of  your Christmas photo-contest giveaway. I’d like to express my thanks!  I’ve purchased two instruments from you guys, had lots of set-up work done; am delighted with your service, expertise and advice.

Colin B.

Thanks For Superb Job!

Just a word of thanks for the superb job you folks did in bringing an early 50’s LG-2 back to life for me. The improvement in the sound is absolutely amazing. And it plays like buttah!

Paul A.

Guitar Arrived Safe and Sound!

The guitar arrived safe and sound yesterday morning and I’ve been playing the heck out of it.   What a joy!  Thank you Nevin for the great packing job!  PS:   Grant-when I’m in T.O. I’ll drop by and cover the $4.80, or buy you a latte!


I Wish I Would Turn 60 Every Year!

I had the biggest surprise of my life for my birthday: the guitar of my dream (I tried in Madrid last October).  I never thought it would be mine.  It is an EXTRAORDINARY FLAMENCO GUITAR; the sound is just amazing.

Alain & Danielle
Montreal, Quebec

Blown Away by Look, Feel, Quality and Sound!

I’ve had the Deering Calico for a week now and I feel I needed to contact you again to let you know… every day I play, I’ m absolutely blown away by the look, feel, quality and sound of this thing!   The love grows; I couldn’t have gotten it from a better person and shop.  Truly, thank you very much!


Setup is great. The sound is great. I’m a happy guy!

Mike,  thanks for all your help! The setup is great. The sound is great. I’m a happy guy! Your service & follow up was excellent &  appreciated.  Good people like Mike are usually hard to find!

Dan R.

Guitar Fully Meets My Expectations!

I received the Baby Collins on 24, October 2016 in good condition.  The guitar fully meets my expectations. I couldn’t’ be happier!  Smooth transaction, good packaging and prompt service. Thank you!


We’ve Found a New Guitar Shop!

Grant, thank you once again for all your help and enlightenment.   I think we’ve found a new guitar shop in you guys for future business.  Very refreshing!


The Best!

Grant MacNeill… he is THE BEST and most knowledgeable dealer I could ever recommend. 

Carolina Bridges
Deering Banjo Company - Director Public Relations

Guitar is Awesome!

Max, just writing to let you know that this guitar is awesome!  Very impressive in every way. I’m keeping it for sure.  Thanks!


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