General Policies

Pricing Policy

The Twelfth Fret lists prices in Canadian Dollars, exclusive of any taxes, shipping costs,  or import duties.
As a convenience, we often display a US dollar equivalent based on a recent (but not up to the moment) exchange rate – exchange rates vary daily.    The site’s exchange display is not automatic, and we manually update it as we need to, so take the listed US price only as a guide.
If you’re shopping in US dollars, the actual US dollar price is the displayed Canadian dollar price, with the exchange rate at time of purchase, which may or may not be the displayed US dollar price.
Prices shown do not include any import duties or taxes for countries other than Canada.   While The Twelfth Fret must collect and remit appropriate Canadian sales taxes on all transactions – as must all other businesses – we can neither collect or predict import duty or tax policies of other countries.    Take it as a given that your government will likely want to tax whatever you import.

Payment Policy

Please Note!  The Twelfth Fret accepts payment in the following forms:

1. Cash, in person
2. Verified Credit or Debit Card, in person
3. Verified online Credit Card payments through our secure online 3rd party portal. Credit Card Payments that are not fully verified may cause shipping delays. We use Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code.
4. Wire Transfer – contact us for bank transfer details

CHEQUES: As policy, The Twelfth Fret does not accept cheques. Cheques are held by our banks for 120 days, and consequently any actions based on a cheque are delayed until the funds are released.

More Details: