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Nechville Atlas


The Atlas is hybrid banjo with a unique pot and Nechvilles patent pending adjustable neck design. The Walnut block-rim construction and wooden flange give this banjo a earthy appearance and smooth ergonomic feel. The Nechville fraling thumb scoop allows players to double thumb in that sweet spot without losing the top frets common with a typical scoop. The Cocobolo tone ring has a similar mass to a light weight metal tone ring providing similar sustain with a much warmer timbre. This instrument has the full fat sound of a 12″ pot with added clarity providing great depth, resonance and sustain. The Saturn and Stars inlay and hand rubbed oil finish complete this great looking and sounding banjo!



* Walnut neck
* Walnut 12″ pot
* Cocobolo tone-ring
* All Walnut block-rim construction
* Fraling thumb scoop
*Removable dowel stick
*Nechville tailpiece
* Nechville patent-pending adjustable neck
* Saturn and Stars inlay
* Renaissance 12″ head
* Hand rubbed oil finish

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