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Gibson MultiHarp Steel 1957 SOLD

December 29, 2011
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Serial Number 7-8741, built in 1957
Pricing $595 CND with original case. SOLD
Neck Three eight-string necks, plexi fingerboards with position markers.
Frets No frets to wear out!
Body Maple body with steel reinforcements under the outside necks.
Finish Black satin lacquer finish in reasonable shape.
Hardware/electronics Three Gibson humbucking pickups. Four pedals, legs and pedals are in the top half of the case.
Playability/Action Plays well, and the three necks make a very versatile arrangement.
Case Original case included, with two wheels.
Comments A combination of a console grande and a pedal steel guitar, the Gibson MultiHarp was the top of the line Gibson instrument at the time.

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