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Mesa Boogie V-Twin Pre Amp Pedal (used) SOLD

Pricing $299 CND SOLD
Body Very sturdy steel construction. Built like an armoured personnel carrier.
Finish Brushed Steel.
Hardware/electronics Twin 12AX7 tubes, power adapter. In addition to the top controls, trim-pots are available through a panel on the back.
Comments Mesa Boogie make incredibly solid, fabulously great-sounding gear. The V-Twin preamp is very versatile, providing tones from sparkling clean rhythm, spreadably thick blues, to high-gain hairiness. And it’s built to connect to headphones, directly into mixer channels, guitar amps, and power amps. This is a serious, professional unit that will work in many situations, from home to studio to stage. Need real tube tone, not a simulation? Get it here.
Comes with 120 volt to 12 volt 1 amp power adapter.

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