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McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer

The Mountain dulcimer has been popular on the folk scene for many decades. We have just started to detect a renewed interest in this easy-to-play historic instrument and have imported an exceptional quality American hand made example that features solid Walnut construction with geared tuners, heart shaped sound holes and a carved scroll peghead!

The McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer Company of Arkansas made their first mountain dulcimer in 1962.

They make only mountain dulcimers and their four full-time craftsmen have 112 years of experience among them. The experience they have gained gives them the confidence to offer you a high-quality dulcimer at an affordable price, covered by a guarantee you can count on.

Traditionally played on the lap, the Mountain dulcimer has a haunting lyrical sound and can have you picking out tunes within minutes.

McSpadden dulcimers are top quality and suitable for professional use, live or in a recording studio.

The dulcimer pictured is currently strung with a heavier gauge and tuned to baritone, which really fills out its sound.

We sell these instruments with a zippered bag for $579.00 Canadian dollars, or $445.00 US dollars (based on 1.3 exchange rate).

NOTE: Exchange rates change daily.

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