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Hammertone Mandotar, 2000 (consignment) SOLD

Comments The Hammertone Mandotar is a very interesting instrument. Built in George Furlanetto’s workshop in Hamilton, Ontario, these are a cross between a solidbody electric guitar and a mandolin.

They play very well, sound great, and a guitar player doesn’t have to learn any new voicings to just start using it.

Serial Number 1077, built during 2000 in Hamilton, Ontario.
Pricing $1,199.00 CAD with bag case. SOLD
Neck Maple bolt-on style neck with unbound rosewood fingerboard. Scale length is 15 1/2″, nut width is 1 7/8″. Burns-style truss rod adjuster at body end.
Frets Original frets (including zero fret) with very little wear.
Body Poplar or basswood body with bolt-on, string-through construction for one of the string course sets.
Finish Red gloss mottled finish on body, clear on neck; headstock is black with Hammertone logo screened on.
Hardware/electronics Two telecaster-neck-type pickups, Kluson type tuners with nickel plated buttons; 12-saddle adjustable bridge, with holes for one of the string course sets. Master volume and tone controls, pickup selector swotch.
Playability/Action These play very well. The action is much like a 12-string guitar with a capo on the octave fret, except that you can still get at the frets!
Case Bag case included.

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